How to fix a spoke tightening boo-boo?

I made a big boo-boo when I tightened my spokes after the break-in. I way overtightened them. Now the wheel is slightly warped. I have tryed to loosen the spokes with the tire on but most of them will not budge. The back wheel is tight but it is not warped at all, so I am not gonna worry about it. But if there is anyway to fix the front wheel I would like to get it back straight if possible.

BTW, I got a "lesson" on how much to tighten the spokes from the dealer after I took it to them. They said that it is not too bad out of round so not to really worry about it unless it gets worse. I would just like to get it back straight if I could.

thanks for the help.

First is it out of dish???, or out of round?? This will make a big difference in the solution. Out of round means that the rim it not circular any more, and out of dish is when the rim is not directly in line with the hub and pulls towards one side or the other

I guess it is out of round then. It actually rides smooth, you can just see that it wobbles a bit when you are riding. You cannot acually feel it. I don't think I would be able to tell anything if I could not see it.

Typically if it is out of round, bad, you will feel the wheel hop every time it tits the flat spot or ovalized spot. This is the harder of the two to fix. For the easiest fix take the wheel off the bike, tire off of the rim. Now a truing stand would be beneficial, but if you don't have one you can just hold the hub and spin the rim, now hold it a couple of MM from the top of a table, what do you see? If the wheel spins and never hits the table it isn't out of round too much. It may get close to the table and then pull away and not quite tough. If it hits the table this spot is out of round and you can tighten the spokes in this area a little and it may pull it back, but remember for every spoke you tighten/loosen you affect the others.

Now if it is out of dish it should be easier to fix. To create a cheap truing stand place your bike on a stand. Now get two 16-penny nails and lay them on your swing arm. Slide the nails towards the rim and tape it in place about 2-3 MM from rim do same on other side. Now measure the distance from where the nail first touches the swing arm and the point of the nail. If both look even, spin the wheel what does the rim do? If it rotates and touches one nail the wheel needs to be pulled to the other side. Do this by tightening the spokes on the other side. If a spoke is already really tight you may have to loosen the spokes on the other side in order to allow the wheel to be pulled to the other side. I know this was wheel maintenance 101, but I hope it helps, and remember what you do to one spoke directly affects all others.


Thanks, I am going to try doing that. I hope that the spokes have loosened some by now. If not I will have to ride it some so that the spokes loosen up enough to adjust.

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