Converting 2007 wr450f to yz450f


actually im using 2007 wr450f for supermoto my nike is not im goin to put 2007 yz450f complete wire hunas with cdi and magneto stator and magneto stator wheel.....

so do i want to change cams also????

and from this is my bike gonna change as a yz???

Are you asking if you should run WR cams in your YZ engine when racing supermoto?

WR cams are designed for low end torque and YZ cams for high RPM power.

i want to a power as a yz,so i want to what parts i want to replace???

Your best bet is to buy a YZ as the WR will never 100% be a YZ.

Having said that, cams are the biggest thing you can do. Make sure you're jetted correctly and all the free mods are done as well.

Lighter flywheel, compression bump, pull the electric starter, lots of things like that which make the WR a WR. And for most of us, that's a good thing. But the only way to be a YZ, is to buy a YZ.


I believe he is asking if you strip the WR of the entire stock harness, replace with YZ harness, CDI and stator- will you need to run YZ cams to match the ignition map of the YZ CDI? makes sense that it would work better that way but is WR CDI with the gray wire cut the same map??

I am interested in the answer as well I am considering the same thing as I race a 09 WR450 in HS and GNCC with a few enduros thrown in, I prefer the softer hit of the WR set up but would love to lose the miles of wiring harness, battery, starter ect.

Is the YZ magneto cover a direct swap to the WR case?

Thanks Guys

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