I go to the church of the great outdoors and pray to the god of speed!!!!



This is a great site. I have learned a ton of stuff about my bike and met some nice people that I actually got to ride with.

I know there are a yonger ones that visit this site and as a parent I would not want my kids reading it either. But, it was funny.

Thanks again for the site.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C


I could not disagree with a word you said...

....also along the lines of censorship.....I wish that every post that contained the words HONDA or CR450 would be deleted, especially when followed by something like YAMAHA sucks. I am not one bit against Honda, hey my last bike was a CR250, but I am sick of people posting stuff about a bike they praise but have not ever even sat on.....I know this might open up a can of worms but I have been quiet about this for quite awhile. The internet is huge - go start the CR450F page and dog on Yamaha all you want, but keep the YZ426 page open for the ones who love them....

Uh oh!! Here we go!! Bring it on!! I agree with G4. My personal beleifs are that there is no higher being. Criticize me all you like. My belies how ever are mine and they aren't set in stone. I don't mind speaking about religion in the proper setting. (TT is not in my opinion the proper setting) When someone can give me some evidence that shows of a higher being my beleifs may change. But, after 5 years of college with lots of non-major realted science coarses on cosmos and the beginning of time, as well as Darwin theorys I have formed my own beliefs.

In short I 100% back freedom of speech, choice, and everything else that America stands for and supports. I just don't think that TT is the proper place and I for one don't think it should be here. TT isn't my forum though, I'm just a member that participates in it and enjoys it. I know that I don't have to read everything but I do and I'm allowed to voice my own opinion. I think Kicks... has every right to say what he has to. I just don't feel this is the right place to littearlly preach about it. In short say your peace and we'll read it and take it as we think it should be taken. Sorry for babling on. I just feel that G4 has a valid opinion and support him as a fellow member of the best forum online!!!


I totally agree with you. I'm going to laugh when all of those guys sell their YZ and buy the new Honda. "Wow that's a nice bike, too bad it's nothing like what Hughes rides!" "Wanna race? come on, my bikes 3 years old? What are you worried my Yamaha will beat your Honda? I hope it doesn't break cause then you will need to deal with that Honda customer service that you praise so much."


Do you ride a HARO bike? If so, you should sell it and buy a Mongoose or a GT oh wait better yet a cannondale!! :)



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

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Amen G4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am tired of it too - religion always thrown in my face. And to all of you would be CRF450 owners " Can you get your checkbooks out now to offer some redemption to your salvation, while you receive a face full of roost from the big bad blue"

Sorry guys,

I am not a profesional writer so you'll have to excuse the internet shorthand and poor sentence structure!

It is just that this subject in particular gets me HOT!

When someone complains about something that is claimed to be offensive to them but have the gaul and lack of open-mindedness to see that the way they were trying to express their feelings about the offensive subject to others ONLY TO BE SO CLOSED MINDED that they failed to see that they in turn OFENDED the offensive party!

We call this HYPOCRITICISM!!!


Maybe we could all meet in a religion chat room and discuss this subject but for now I am going to my Thumpers bedroom and grabbin' a MILLER (or 2) and VROOOOM VROOOOM til 1430 today when this cast comes off.


if the cast isn't off I need to buy or trade for ONE size 12 right side MX boot that my cast will fit into..!!!!!!!!!LOL

or maybe just a little duct tape over the toes will work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I agree with you guys 100%!! :)


Interesting, If all of you are so set in stone about your beleifs, why does it offend you guys if someone closes his post w/ "God Bless" or any other positive comment. Not everybody who rides MX tosses back a 6 pack after a 15 minute moto. The sad thing about this post and today's society is that while all of you are searching for contentment in the world by buying things or finding new girls or money or stuff to occupy your time, those of us who have a personal relationship w/ OUR creator will continue to pray for your salvation and will shut off our computers knowing where we will be spending eternity and will be completly satisfied with what life hands us. If I have offended you, then I will pray for you. Just remember this, Jesus loves you and so do I!!


I agree on this preaching crap, but I also feel the pic that G4 posted is not appropriate for this site. Lets get back to Bike jokes, stories, sugestions, dogging on each other in fun and stuff like that. G4, you could have worded a story or thought just as funny and not as offensive. Leave Sex and God for other forums.

Damn, the picture isn't showing on my browser. What did I miss?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

G4----Must live in Utah or or tri city AZ. (Tempe,Mesa,Phoenix)


Not quite sure what pix you are talking about that was offensive.

There have been only 2 pix posted by me.

One was of my Hurricane for sale.

The others was of my 6mo old daughter sitting on my bike.

I hope no one found these offensive!!LOL

You must have me confused with someone else.

g4racing not G-Man

Although I DO find the pitboard pix hillarious but maybe not appropriate for here.......BUT it WAS labled RATED "R"



That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Steve123:

G4----Must live in Utah or or tri city AZ. (Tempe,Mesa,Phoenix)

Steve ..........

No comment.

I don't want to discuss religion on THIS board.

But I can say that I do think that Motorcycles should be included in


I know its kind of late for this because everyone just wants to move on at this point. However! I wanted to roost my 2 cents in (actually 3 cents).

1st cent: When I saw the “Dream” post this morning, I laughed so hard I could barely contain myself at work. I really thought it was great. Daisy- the bike's prepped- the truck’s gassed- feeding food in bed- the checkered flag. I only wish I could remember more. I was even going to send a friend the site reference. Admittedly, I'm a hick but I find it very funny and probably not even an R rating for me (maybe a pg-13 or pg). Bottom line, when you laugh that hard, that's a good way to start the day. However, I lost a little joy with the heavy-handed religious reply (see cent 3). I enjoy and take some pride in the fact that racing and dirt biking have a somewhat non-pc attitude towards the glorification of women. I won’t belabor this point, but in the right context I see benefit and fun without harm. Most people know when it’s just fun vs when its uncool and they act accordingly.

2nd cent- I've met and ridden with Bryan. Level headed. Good judgement. Fun to be around. Actually pretty fast too. Bla Bla Bla (I don't want to make Bryan blush). If he deleted the message in his role as moderator I can easily chalk that up to his prerogative. Really, not that big of a deal. While this is a very cool forum and there has rarely been a need for a moderator, I think you do need someone just in case. It helps us all in the end. Also, what Bryan did is not censorship. I’m not trying to sound technical but just want to clarify. My understanding of censorship is when the government forcibly limits communication. All of this is within the scope and beauty of free enterprise. Those are two very different things. We are free to come or go as we see fit. Even if we were contributing $ to the site (which we are not) we still may have the occasional disagreement but brush it off.

3 cent- and maybe the most important. The biggest offense of the day was the knee-jerk religious response. This isn’t about limiting someone’s right to religion. This is about the inappropriate religious condemnations (stated directly or indirectly) in a non-religious environment and context (this is dirtbiking with people from all walks of life). If you have a disagreement with someone, state your problem but keep the fire and brimstone to yourself or to people who voluntarily sign up for it. It’s no more appropriate here than it would be at work. If you tried that tactic in most places of employment, your next check would probably come from somewhere else and rightfully so.

Aside from just wanting to get this off of my chest, I’m concerned about that “majority” e-mailing in and complaining. I may be off base, but this smells like a vocal “minority”. That’s it.



I am totally sorry for posting your name and not G-Man. I was refering to G-mans post. Althought the girl with the board doesn't really bother me, I feel it was unappropriate for this site as is the preaching..

One again, Sorry G4Racing.

it's gotta be UTAH gotta love it. Must have to plan in advance to purchase the booooze on SUNDAYS

No prob Mike

no offense taken

I am just here for the knowledge and socialism of the great ppl we have here!

I have morals and do not judge ppl especially that i haven't met.

Afterall everyone on this board has a sicl so THEY CAN'T BE THAT BAD!!!!!LOL


I had no idea that you personally footed the bill for this site. I wish to say thank you!! I and many others have benefitted from the wealth of knowledge departed within the site.

Regarding the issue of censorship. What Bryan did was not the issue. Some people refuse to realize that there is a time and a place for everything. This forum is NOT the place to dispense religous beliefs. There are other forums for those topics.


Yzernie nailed it on the head...."there's a time and place for everything". Most "reasonable people" are able to determine what that is..and means. To use an anology, most guys wouldn't think twice about going to the beach with their sweetums when she wears a yellow bikini.....but, we ALL understand that a bikini is not appropriate in church. A little common sense could go a long way here.

"Harold in SoCal" Your 3rd cent was well said and Sparky what in the world does tossing back a six pack after a 15 min moto have anything to do with your religous beliefs!!

Bryan, this site is interfering with my work but I still love it!!

For all those complaining about the post Gman made, relax-take deep breath and move on!@! :)

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