Nearly a year ago, while riding practice at my favorite track on a Saturday, one of my co-workers showed up to ride. After several laps I took a break and rode over to his pit to chat. He was drinking beer. We chatted a while and he kept drinking. I mentioned that he can't ride now that he has been drinking. He became irate and yelled at me to mind my own business. Once he rolled out on the track, I informed the owner that this guy was drinking. My friend was immediately black flagged and then became extremely angry with me for being pulled off the track. Since then, he refuses to acknowledge my existence. I DID NOT enjoy having him removed from the track, but thought it was in the best interest of everyone at the track. I firmly believe that the mixture of alcohol and motorcycles equals death or injury. I tried to explain tactfully to him that it would be better if he had his beer AFTER practice...not during. I've lost a riding buddy. Oh well, good riddance. I'd rather ride alone than with a drunk.

Boit, if you would read my note!!!! I said What does drinking a six pack have anything to do with your religous beliefs????? I said nothing about riding a motorcycle drunk so back up and read it again.

Ride on my friend

Correct me if I am wrong but....

I see no response here from KICKS?


we are not asking that you leave the board.

Just that you CHILL with the religion thing!

You seem to be cool and knowledgible about sicls so we need all the BIKE info on here as we can get.

Stick around.

Just drop the hail mary thing!

I think maybe he took a sabbatical... Sorry, couldn't resist that one. Just a little innocent ribbing.


I heard he is now on tour with Jesse Jackson!!! :)



I live in the same place that you do and I don't understand what you are talking about. Religion ruling Church and State that kinda sounds a little biased to me.

Can't we all just get along.

Bahahaha I could not help that G4 you know who this is from. By the way your bike still looks like a Suzuki.

Later ZX12ZX11

Hey now, come on!! My bike looks like a suzuki too. Mines actually cooler though cause I don't have that monsterous tank. The one thing that does suck is my knee braces have worn through the tank decals so now I have a yellow bike with blue holes on the tank decals.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?


I meant no offense to anyone, I was joking with a good friend G4racing. I posted my first response and then walked over to his house and he had allready read what I posted.

<font color=navy><center>Oh, that YOU would bless me indeed,

and enlarge my territory,

that Your hand would be with me,

and that You would keep me from evil,

that I may not cause pain.

So God Granted him what he requested

The prayer of Jabez

The prayer I claim as my own in Christ's Name!

- 1 Chronicles 4:10 -</center>

To My Brother Thumpers,

No, I have not gone away. I have sat here watching, reading, down trodden and upbeat, thankful, and prayerful for all.

I am not ashamed of what I have written. Nor am I ashamed for taking a stand for my Savior-LORD CHRIST JESUS!

This isn't the first time I have been attacked for my faith, and I know it will certainly not be the last. I will not turn and run, but in the time of evil, I will stand and do all that I can to defend what is honorable and right.

I am not a self centered religious biggot. NO! I am filled with the LOVE of the LORD. Religion is nothing but a YOKE that man has created that burdens men, and is used, and mind you, the proof is here, quite powerfully from keeping each one of us from receiving GOD's love.

The sad thing is, that it is evident that many don't bother to listen what is being said, you only hear what you want to hear.

I'm not saying that out of condemnation or judgment, but I have never ever told anyone that they had to accept GOD's love, and the precious gift of Salvation through Jesus. I have never created a forum solely to the dedication of GOD here on thumper.

I will say it again:

God has laid before you the choice: Blessing or Cursing, Life or Death. YOU DECIDE! GOD's love is persistant, but its not pushy. He will always be there for you, patiently waiting for you to open up to HIM. And when you do, He is faithful and just to enter in, and sit down and as a friend, share a meal with you!

I haven't pushed my spiritual beliefs on you. I have taken stands yes, but I've never demanded you agree with me or accept what I have given from my heart.

What I have said is that whether you accept what I tell you is the truth or not is irrelevant to me. I believe, and STAND ON THE TRUTH-THE WORD OF GOD!

<FONT COLOR=BLUE>The truth is, no one, except yourself can make the decison to accept the free gift of Salvation set before you from GOD. Only the LORD's CALLING and through your personal conviction, will HE be able to work.

<font color=red>This is the difference between Religion and Children of GOD! RELIGION FORCES and true Children of the MOST HIGH, by example, by testimony show CHRIST as the WAY, TRUTH, AND THE LIFE!


Knowing this, I am guilty - Guilty as charged!

I am guilty of

Testifying of God's love toward all of you!

Defending the WORD of GOD as the truth!

Claiming THUMPERTALK as property of the LORD!

Praising the LORD for the gift of all who are open to help in THUMPERTALK

Interceding for anyone who is hurting, or needing a shoulder to cry on.

Blessing those who bless me-whether its mechanically or personally based.

And just plain old slapstick comedy.

Through my LOVE of GOD, I have given my heart to a hurting world. And I believe there are plenty of hurting people here!

I have never believed in my heart that I could instantaneously remove all the evils of the world with the stroke of a key pad, or by the words that come from my mouth, or hands.

I know this world is full of evil. Yes I see the women who flaunt themselves over the dirtbikes, I see their chests hanging out, displayed. I hear the cursing, I hear the LORD's name taken in vain, I hear it, I see it. I have nothing against a beer, but I don't agree with drunkeness, or what usually results from it.

What you don't realize is that 99 44/100% of the time, I silently pray for those individuals. What you don't realize is the hurt I feel because people don't understand what they are doing or saying.

Direct intervention is only done through direction of GOD's HOLY SPIRT. My remarks in MIKEOK's forum were under HIS direction. G-Man's forum was a slap in the face, and a throwing of the gauntlet.

I judge nor condemn G-Man, or anyone else who has risen against me. No, I forgive them. I do not war against flesh and blood, but the powers and principalities of the air, those that are unseen that kill, steal, and destroy!

This is in no way a reflection upon the MODERATOR, but I'm sorry-Language, Sexual Inuendos, total disrespect and irreverance towards the LORD has been growing at an alarming rate in this site. Complaining, mur-murring, and so forth have continually risen.

( I am not exempt from the complaining issue. I have failed my faith in dealing with Yamaha. )

Is it really necessary to use #$%@&! every third word to get your point across?

Again, I say, why is it so difficult to keep it professional and presentably clean in here? I am NOT the sheriff of this web-site. I have no AUTHORITY to demand anything of you!

I and others have asked, and asked for things to be toned down. We all have important things to say, feelings to get across, skills to share, and mechanical backgrounds that save us all a lot of money!

But it wasn't stopping.

Cuss words over and over again. Sexual comments, and when I say that, I don't mean that sex in itself is immoral, or perverted, but what WE do with it is! You may not agree with me with how I look upon a woman and sexual intimacy and that's fine, but just because you are behind a computer screen doesn't give you the right to say things you normally wouldn't say in front of someone.

How could any of you think that talking about blowjobs, sexual acts of different kinds, or consistant and powerful use of profanity is healthy for the young who come into this web-site?

Is this the kind of example we want to give those who are just coming into the sport? Is this how you establish a reputation? Every time I hear a news broadcast about dirtbikes, quads, lifted mud-boggin' 4x4's, snowmobiles, or any other kind of off-road motorize vehicle or event, its the same thing:

"Foul mouthed, sex crazed, roudy destructive people. Their machines destroy our privacy, rip up the land, and ruin everything for the birds. "

If you think that groups aimed against us, manufacturers, sponsers of products, and track management/developers don't come in here, you're sadly mistaken!

- but more importantly -

How about the kids. Nothing makes me happier riding my THUMPER than a lil' Thumper who sees this big blue bike comin' at 'em and gives me the thumbs up! That's cool dudes!

But by what we say in here, and do in here-wether you agree or not, has an affect on this sport. Same with DRN.

If you were to look back upon all the posts that I have written regarding the LORD, it has been to either comfort, to sustain, or to help someone who is looking for a little compassion. Compassion in here doesn't always have to come from a 12MM socket, 13/51 sprockets, or a beer! How about compassion coming from the heart?

Would you attack me for posting a pray for the thumper killed at the track, his family, and all at that track suffering with grief, this past weekend, as one thumper brought to our attention, or is this only "acceptable" because someone died?

Or how about one thumpers little daughter who is suffering with epilepsy and strikes with vengance? Don't you think her father and mother are down trodden and hurting because of the pains they see their child going through? Yet those, including myself, were persecuted because we stopped, looked at what was really important in life and did a righteous thing, not out of our own concern, but because of the concern for others.

Im truly sorry that your offended that I " Bless " people at the end of my posts. I don't take GOD's BLESSINGS lightly. I am a relative new comer to this sport, and all who step out to help are truly thanked. I am blessed of the LORD, and to those who help me, I WILL GIVE THEM A SHARE OF MY LORD'S GRACIOUS INHERITANCE!

I have not come here to turn this into a religious forum. This forum is about all of us who have much in common:




Mechanical Skills and Abilities

( okay, for some of us, a lack thereof :) )

but I will not shrink away from my faith, nor will I retreat one step from proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of the DEATH and RESURRECTION of the LORD CHRIST JESUS!

There is one funny thing about all this.

You all think I wrote the MODERATOR and complained. YOU all think I asked to have that forum removed. YOU all think I organized a possey to have it yanked.













Everyone here in thumper is loved! I am angry with no one. If I ever met you in person, I'd shake you hand and smile. I judge nor condemn no one. What's done is done.

I will say this:

With all my heart and soul, I lift, in the NAME of the MASTER LORD JESUS, all those who have persecuted the LORD, BLASPHEMED HIS NAME, Denied HIM, and have come dangerously close to BLASPHEMING THE HOLY SPIRIT, and I intercede and ask GOD ALMIGHTY for forgiveness.

I ask the LORD OF HOSTS for mercy, and a pouring out of HIS SPIRIT that even the hardest of hearts in this web-site shall be melted like butter, and turn and repent.

And I declare with all my strength, that GOD is a merciful GOD, and that by HIS WORD, HE will forgive all men, forever and forever!

Amen and Amen!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks - But kneels to the LORD!

Oh, and by the way, I am a preacher!

And proud of it!

Kicks, you're back! For awhile there, I thought you had hitched a ride on the tail of a comet...... :)


Holeshot's Page

Are we done yet? The horse is dead. Let's get back to something we ALL enjoy which is the 2 wheeled blue beast. It was interesting in the beginning, but this is turning sour.

We all should respect Bryans decissions he makes for this site. If you don't like the decissions or the way he runs the site....


Lets also make an effort to stop blasting Bryan with e-mails every day. The guy has a life and can't be dealing with a bunch of whining babies every day. He started the site and maintains the site. Dealing with crap like this can't be worth it.

Keep it clean, keep it fun, keep the religon out of it, and stop whining to Bryan.


Great job with the site. Any sugestions to all of us on what we can do to make running the site easier for you??



Junior Member posted 06-04-2001 03:08 PM


kicks your 426

just because you don't approve of what others find hilarous, save that **** for the church at first I didn't mind but since they removed the post your a complete idiot. In every dirt magazine their's some honey showing off her bod on a bike. Get used to it or get out of it

I think 426 got stuck with a fat one and is making the rest of us pay for it bounce her on down the road and enjoy life.

In response to this post, I would ask all of you to read "On the Mainjet" column by Roland Hinz in the July issue of MXA. How contrary to all your attitudes by the "Bible" (oops) of our sport! If you need me to clarify because you don't have a copy, let me know.


I belive this topic should not be talked about here. I started posting here to kinda give a good friend a little crap.

Religion can be good or bad.

YZ426 Kicks mentioned

YZ426 Kicks - But kneels to the LORD!

Well not to be too mean but wich LORD

Is it the Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Satanic or Atheist Lord. We all belive and worship different things and that is the best part of being a human being, we have a choice to a certain degree depending on where we live and the government. So my Athiest self will end posting on this topic and get a beer (well not really I can't stand the taste of hops, a glass of wine perhaps) and worship the LORD of Speedvision for a while.

Plz don't think that I just started here to give a friend some crap I do ride, but the kinda bikes that most here don't if this works here is a pic of my bikes I usually post on another board for the ZX-12R


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Just wanted to say "Awesome Job" with this site Bryan. Thanks for all the work you put into this site and I support you in your decision to delete the "Dream" post. I personally was not offended, but do realize that TT is very professional in nature and to maintain that professionalism, some posts will have to be deleted as well as members removed from time to time. I hope my posts here have been as helpful to others as their posts have been to me. Thanks again Bryan



No one here is knocking you for your beliefs Randy.........Only that you don't ADVERTISE them here!

Like I said b4, I hear this stuff jammed down my throat each and every day! SICK AND TIRED OF IT!

Isn't this board all about bikes? thumpers in particular?

Beleive what you wish but don't choke me with it.


one more thing about the #$%&*!? comment that you made.

I don't believe I have seen a total of 2 or 3 threads with "swearing" in them.

Have you been to other boards where the ppl are a little more beligerant about the way they state things?

So I think that comment was uncalled for.

We have very good ppl in here!



That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

first- I agree with g4. I don't think I've seen any posts with inappropriate language. I don't think anyone here accused Randy of requesting the other post either. At least I didn't see anyone mention it.

second- Bryan, I'll say again thanks for the great forum. Now IMO, if there was a thread that I think is a candidate for deleting, THIS IS IT. Can we just get back to the forum subject? This post is evil! It just keeps drawing all of us back in.

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Amen, dirtdad! OOPS! I mean, YEAH YOU RIGHT, dirtdad. Put a lock on this topic so we can get back to thumpin'.

I don't want to delete it in fear of getting more GRIEF for doing so! :)

I'll close it. How is that?


This topic is now closed to further replies.