2010 not staying in neutral

Hi everyone,

My 2010 yz450f is really picky about getting into neutral and if I let the tire roll at all it slips into gear, anyone else have this issue?

I thought it was just because it was new but now im at about 25 hours.


no not ever

Dont dry rap the bike, it might take you for a unexpected ride.

This only happens when its not completely in N. It is hard as are other bikes to find N unless the engine is off (except when riding and shifting to second :smirk: )

Thanks for your replies, it sometimes doesn't like to stay in neutral when rolling it down my driveway to load it up, it will roll about 3 feet pop into gear then I have to stop and find it again or pull in the clutch.

I'd try to find someone at the track that has the same bike and have them check it out. Does it ever come out of any of the other gears?

If the trans otherwise works well, inspect the shift segment ("star wheel") behind the clutch. There should be a small notch for the stopper lever (indexing arm) roller to engage in when it's in neutral, and the roller should be fairly willing to stay there.

Check the bolt that holds the stopper make sure it's secure.

2010/11's have neutral finding issues, but it's definitely not normal for the bike to be in neutral and then pop into gear when rolling.

Thanks for your suggestions, I will check it out next time I change my oil. Would I be able to find what the location of this bolt in the manual?

Yes. It's #8 here:

Showing it with the shift cam and forks makes it appear to be inside the crankcase, but it's actually right behind the clutch with the shift linkage.


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