Scary web site I came across


Ok Kids, let's all not forget who the Unabomber was. He was a LEFT WING, tree hugging, wacko college professor that aligned himself with the kind of crap on that website. Taking a human life meant nothing to him, as long as he thought he was "saving the earth".

I'll bet the Unabomber doesn't like GWB either. In other words, he's in good company.

They are some SICK people.

Pat Boone is a cool dude man

hey lay off da man :)

Ya know though that is funny, wasnt he the guy who dressed up like Alice Cooper and wnet on stage with him

I saw this about 20 years ago. It's no joke. There are eco freaks out there who have their hands on this as we speak. One of my riding buddies actually ran into one of the "spike boards". It did little more than knock his foot off of the peg. We spent the next two hours searching the area for the sicko that planted it. We figured he might have stuck around to see the result of his dirty work. Justifiable beating, No?

That stuff looks old and is so stupid. Geese, some people are so extreme! :)

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