keeping hand guards tight

I have a set of enduro handguards with cycra triple clamps and they have been working excellent except the part that slides into the handle bars then locks in there isnt staying it always slides out no matter how hard I tighten it, I was just wondering whats the trick is to getting them to stay tight. I tried putting some electical tape on the end then sliding it in and tighting it but that never worked. :)

The bar end mounts that came with my Tusk D-flex handguards tighten very well, they have a sliding block that when tightened pulls into a tapered sleeve = expanding inside the bars. You may be able to find just the bar end attachments if you call around?


I have the same parts. I tried tape but that didn't work. I found that the throttle side didn't actually fit all the way into the bar because of the way that I mounted them. I added a few (4-6) washers between the buster and the aluminum angle cut pipes that go into the bars. So far it is working well.

Oh yeah, the bolts that Cycra :) sent me for this didn't have threads all the way down and I had to get new bolts from the Bolt Supply store on 12th St NE.

I think new bar ends things might be in order for me if it slips again.


I don't know how yours are made but my enduro eng came out with a kind of rubber sleeve (that is very solid btw). I first covered the part of the hand guard that is supposed to enter the handlebar with the rubber sleeve ( like a sox) I then put dish soap over the rubber sleeve to help it all slide in the handlebar. Once tighten up, it never moved again. If the part of your handguard that slides into the handlebar is to big in diameter you may not be able to add a rubber sleeve aroud it though...

Hope that helps.

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