MY new to me yz400f

Got me a 1998 yz400f the other day runs like a top but looks rough. Here is a pic from when the day I got her.


Mods as when I got it...

1)Suspension redone by Pro Valve

2)BBR Kicker

3)White Brothers slip on

4) Hand brush guards

What I Have on order or have gotten

1) All new plastics

2) Graphics kit

3) Rear tire

4) New chain

5) Repair manual

6) New air filter

7) Bolt kit

8) New brake pads

Would Like to get

1) Seat cover

2) Head pipe

3) Frame powder coated (neon green same color as Grave diggers monster truck frame)

4) What else should I get/replace?

As she looks today.





What is everyone thoughts?

Looking good! I assume you're riding MX since I don't see any guards. One thing I would do if it were mine is re-cover the seat with something grippy.

ay Gunna get a grippie seat cover just yet to find w=one I like.. The hand guards are going back on just havent had time..

Shot the frame with some paint the other day. Will the magnesium covers polish like alum? or no? And what would be a good way to take the tabs off the head pipe from the heat shield? on to a pic.


Have you ever heard of polished magnesium? No, it doesn't polish up like AL does.

Also, do yourself a favor and put the heat shield back on. You'll melt a hole in your riding gear in 2 seconds on that pipe.

Ask me how I know this.

Also, I see you chose to spray paint your nice WC frame guards... thats gonna last about one ride, and it'll make it look worse when half of its flecked off.

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