'00 grabby clutch! what '01 parts??????


I have read that people who experience grabby clutch syndrome should use '01 parts. That is kool but, what parts exactly?



(00 426 F)

The three parts you're looking for are as follows:

friction plate y5jg-16321-00-00

clutch boss spring y5jg-16383-00-00

seat plate y5jg-16384-00-00

I installed these in my 00 426 about a month ago and can attest that they DO eliminate the grabbiness in the clutch! It now feels "like butter". I bought my parts from North County Yamaha (800) 225-1629. They'll usually beat anyone else's price. You can look up part #'s for your bike at http://www.powersportspro.com/Partsfish/Login.asp

Hope this helps.


00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

91 CR125

83 YZ490

74 Hodaka Super Combat(gone but not forgotten!)

Dirtdad is 100% correct.

My clutch is perfect now, enabling me to holeshot my way to victory for the first time on Sunday!

The parts are a friction plate with a larger ID to accomadate a washer and a spring washer. These three items are installed in the clutch bastket as a replacement for the first friction plate.

If you look them up on partsfish, it is pretty easy to see how they go.

Dave S (I cant believe its not butter!)

How much for the parts listed? Is the fix as easy as changing clutch plates or what??

sounds to good to be true, huge

Oh yes. It is true.

All 3 parts will cost you about $50-60.

To install:

Drain the oil

Remove the clutch cover

remove the pressure plate

remove the clutch pack

then re-install the clutch pack substituting the 01 friction ring for the first (deepest) friction plate along with the 01 washer and spring.

Re-install the pressure plate, clutch cover and add oil.

Presto! 30 minutes and a clutch you have to ride to believe! Well its as good as any other clutch anyway.

If your bike has the same problem that mine did you will notice right away and without ANY doubt that these parts solved the problem.

Dave S

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