Power Now disbelievers...check this out!

Yamaha Motor France Endorses Power Now

We just received word that Yamaha Motor France, who has some of the top off-road racers on the planet (David Fretigne-ISDE, Amaud Demester-5 time Touquet Beach race winner) has opted to run the Power Now wing in their machines for 2004. It seems that their original dyno testing which was done at full throttle whowed virtually no improvement. But when the tested a 1/2 throttle opening they showed a 2.5 horsepower gain! Their track tests showed identical results, with the riders raving about the mid power increase.

Yamaha of France is ecommending to the dealers to present PowerNow to their customer to improve the bottom end of their WRF.

The Power Now is available from DSP Racing

Here's the link and dyno graphs:


That is what I have been saying all along. You can feel the difference bottom to mid. :) It flat out works!

I AM :D very sold on my James Now!!

Thanks James!! :)

What is James Now?????????Im confused???? :)


James now is the do it yourself version of the Power Now. If you search under James now there should be information.

Well If it is good enough for the French

Its Good ............

Hey Wait dont they eat SNAILS

Screw the French :)

I'm with E.G.O :):D :D :D

A man who stands for nothing, Will Fall for anything

They stand by what they beleived, even if we don't approve... :)

And with all the "real" infos coming out on the motivation behind all acts of war, we have to ask ourself if what we beleive is the truth before taking a stand.

And if we are OK with what we beleive, then we have to act accordingly.

A british officer was captured during the French Brit War

The french ridiculed the officer that by wearing the the bright red coat made him an easy target.

The British Officer replied

"Sir We do not run even when wounded, the red is to hide the Blood ensuring to our troops all is well"

This is why French officers wear Brown Pants to this day. Screw the French and the UNGRATEFUL Cart they rode in on. :) Sometimes you just have to do the right thing for the French thats tuck there stinking tails and run.

Why is that Because they got caught with there snail riddin hands in the cookie jar aka saddam's buddies

I agree Sylvain,

our entire world is one cloaked in seemingly endless political disinformation, with no nation willing to take the high ground of universal honesty. what can anyone do but be honest to themselves? Maybe someday honesty will become an ethical icon for all leaders - though I doubt it.

The politics of believer vs unbeliever even seem to apply to the use of powernow! :)

I agree with you, french eat snails.

But !

You eat Kentucky Fried Chicken :D

What is the difference ?


I dont get it???? :excuseme:And there is no such thing as Kentucky Fried Chicken, hasnt been for years.... :):D


I admit I don't like snails much, but when I think of what go in the making of hot dog meat...

Snails in garlic butter with a touch of estragon and oregano with a nice white wine from California doesn't sound tooooo bad :)

Cheer up :D

Screw the French and the UNGRATEFUL Cart they rode in on. :)

Ungrateful? Half of my family is french and I assure you every single one of them was very grateful that the US showed up at all after 3 years of occupation to finally show america's gratitude to the french for playing a pivotal role in America's war for independance and indeed for America's entire existence.

Even if you think this is the kind of matter that should be brought down to a childish "you owe me one" contest, it seems like France and the US are all squared up. Regardless, I'm still certain that France will be right by Americas side once again if the US ever does find a tyrant with actual WMD or even one who poses any real threat beyond a handful of Kalashnikovs and a can or two of pepper-spray. Not even a can of pepper-spray yet? Ah well, just a technicality, right? Y'know know what I mean.

But if it really means that much to you, then by all the french blood I do have, I deeply and truly am grateful that England, Russia, Canada, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands freed France, and yes to the USA too for pitching in towards the end. Thanks.

I'm confused here, can someone tell me, where did Kentucky Fried Chicken go? Am I living in a time warp?

Anthem, good point. In WWII we were just returning a favor. However, I did expect a bit more support from France while we tackled Iraq, whether or not we 'should' have been there. Saddam is gone now, and the world is a better place.

But, back on topic... what happen to KFC?

But really, anyone have an opinion on the PowerNow?

I have French Blood as well, So what


My heritage is AMERICAN

My Mom is First Generation Full Blooded Polish

My Dad is French/German a small town that was (WAS) located just at the Boarder of France and Germany Prior to WW2.

SCREW THE FRENCH, They are not anyones allies under the current regime and they have been caught in BED with the ENEMY just as they (THE GOVERNMENT) collaborated in WW2 to save there own BUTTS

As far as KFC Mmmmmmmmm Finger Licken Good

The PowerNow, If it works for you great, I have no doubt it does do what it is designed to do, I doubt that the performance gains are as the COMPANY states

I just hope the ghosts of our french and american fathers and grandfathers who fought and died together as brothers in so many wars don't have to read your sickening attacks on their brothers-in-arms EGO. Beyond that I can only agree to disagree with your reasons to attack a perfectly contained 5th rate military and have american soldiers massacre double the number of innocents as your own bed-sharing Saudi Arabian 'allies' killed on 9/11.

As far as I know, Kentucky Fried Chicken is gone and they're officially KFC ...PFK in french-speaking areas :)

Power/James (thanks GrahamO) ...yes, it's definitely on the drawing board for next spring.

military and have american soldiers massacre double the number of innocents as your own bed-sharing Saudi Arabian 'allies' killed on 9/11.

Can you show me the stats on that please. Please produce them, I have the states, but I want you to show me your source and your stats.

Make a statement back it up :)

I wouldn't get all upset about what the french or the canadians think.

Neither country has amounted to much, both have economies that are in the toilet.

Let them think they are morally superior to us, its all they have. In the grand scheme of things they don't matter much.

At least the canadian women shave. AIDS moved from apes to the human population in france due to the inability of french men to tell the difference from ape and a unshaven french woman.

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