WANTED: radiator louvers for '99 400

Looking for anyone who has radiator louvers laying around and would like to part with them. I'm trying all kind of different things and spending lots of cash to try and help my bike run cooler. I bought the bike with Devol guards on it and don't really want to spend another $60 to experiment. If anyone could hook me up, e-mail me and we'll work something out. Thanks! -Adam-

Hey Adam,

Did you make it to the Green Marble on Sunday? Enough rocks for you? I think I toasted my clutch in the second loop on the last couple of rock sections. I am still hurting today.


Hey Keith, Yeah I was at the Green marble. I liked the rocks, but we sure could have done without the thunderstorms the night before. Did you run the A/B loop? It was pure survival. Lot's of DNF's after that check! I made it to the end and scored a second in my class. Sore, but really pumped. I just changed my oil and found alot more clutch material than normal. Probably time for a new one here too. Did you have any problems with boil-over at all? My bike is still running way too hot in the tight stuff, and the mud plugging the rads. didn't help at all. We'll have to hook up sometime. Let me know which events you'll be at. More rocks at the Ridge Run this weekend! Later! -Adam-

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I will probably take a few weeks off and do some play biking, the Ridge Run is too much of a hike for me from Maryland. I did not have any problems with my bike overheating on Sunday, although I did see plenty of guys

spitting coolant. I changed my gearing to 13-51 for this enduro and was still having trouble with some of the tough rock sections, lots of clutch work. Have you done any suspension mods? I think I felt every rock go through my upper body. All in all, I was pleased to have finished from line 64! (should have preregistered) It was lonely back there. There was no one left on my number and line 63 was empty after the 1st loop. I don't think but a hand full finished after line 60 or so. Keep in touch, I think the Barbed Wire will be my next.

Take care, Keith.

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