2008 yz spring

Hey guys I have a spring from a 2008 yz450 it's supposed to be oem 5.5 it has two pink dots can you check your manuals And tell me what rate thAt is.thanks alot

The pink ID marks indicate it's a 5.5 kg/mm


One more question. Upon further research my spring has two pink dots which makes it a progressive rate spring. I thought the 08 came with straight rate ti spring

Is it wound straight, or progressively? You can tell by looking at it.

If it's Ti, a magnet won't stick.

It looks wound straight that's what is throwing me off. I'll do the mag test tonight.

If it's straight rate wound (coil spacing is the same over the length of the spring), and it is marked with pink, that should be a 5.5.

Starting with '06, the rear springs were titanium. In either '08 or '09, they switched back to steel, as I recall, and I can't remember which year that was.

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