Garmin off-road maps

I have an older Garmin nuvi 205 and it's been great. But it shows nothing for off-road areas.

I do a lot of truck trails and forest roads here in So California. Is there a map to buy that would allow me to see where I am when I'm off pavement?

Look for a topo map of the area you want. You can usually find a free one. Might try to start.

Garmin has a topo map. I use it on my Nuvi 205. It works ok, but not all Forest Roads in my area are labeled (and there are alot).

Update to the latest version of CityNavigator.

2011.40 is what I'm running and about half the trails at Rampart and 717 (Local OHV areas) are in there, named, and routable.

Topo maps are rarely updated, and the roads aren't routable like CityNav is. You'll have better luck finding trails with CityNav than you will using topo.

MyGarmin says I have...

City Navigator Lower 48 States NT 2009, Deluxe, Mar 08

installed. I get no trail maps.

So you're saying if I load...

City Navigator® North America NT @ $79.99 will have trail maps?

yea, your maps are way out of date...

Not guaranteeing they'll have the trails you're looking for on there, but none of the trails at rampart/717 were on CityNav 2010.A that I had before 2011.40.

Don't expect it to be an alternative to an MVUM or OHV park map... certainly a more convienent option though.

How do I get the latest maps you refer to? I periodically plug in my Garmin and the Garmin app checks for updates.

Are these different from an actual map upgrade?

How do I get the latest maps you refer to? I periodically plug in my Garmin and the Garmin app checks for updates.

Are these different from an actual map upgrade?

Doing that most likely only looks for updates to the software that runs the device, not map updates. I think you usually you have to pay for those.

I just loaded the topo maps found on...

and it seems to have the truck trials I'm looking for.

But I checked the Garmin site and they do not recommend using my unit on a motorcycle, no vibration testing etc.

Anyone have an opinion here?

The nuvi line is more for cars than motorcycles. Zumo was designed as the nuvi for motorcycles (and costs way more). YOu can probably get away with using it, but its' not waterproof and the mounts aren't made to stand up to that kind of abuse.

IMO an off-road GPS is a good investment if you ride with one. The 60/76's are available on closeout now for ~$200; the older eTrex receivers can be found for as low as $50 on craigslist/ebay.

Lots of folks on TT use CityNav, and have great success with it. Upon the suggestion of those here, I purchased a copy ion 2010. It was ok, but not what I expected for the $. I have found that the 3 meter topo map I downloaded from GPS file depot has every road and point of interest that CityNavigator has, plus MANY logging roads, trails, etc. that are missing from CityNav. If you happen to be in an area where CityNav provides all the useful information that you desire, great. But I have found out through personal expericence, that it is not the end all panecia for everyone. I also can really appreciate the detail of the 3M topo map when I'm in really thick cover and unfamiliar terrain. YMMV.

This experience was based on the Garmin 60cxs.

I now have CityNav loaded on one card, and the 3 Meter Topo on another. Simple 60 second switch depending on my needs.

I use my 205 on my DRZ using a RAM mount I got from Whitehorse Press, I checked on ADVrider and followed a suggestion to apply a silicone bead to the screen edge, I just used some masking tape and some window silicone, thing is though it just started to lock up right after the 1 year warranty...figures...the Garmin only updates the software application, you have to buy the newer maps, almost cheaper to just buy a new GPS every year, works OK offroad atleast for some parts of New Mexico desert, had a lot of non-existent forest roads that were not roads at all, better than nothing though

I've been using a Nuvi 205 off road now for a couple years with only a couple minor problems. The USB plug on the back got loose but I managed to tighten it up by slightly bending the metal surrounding the plug. Also a wire broke inside the 12V power plug, an easy fix with a soldering iron.

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