does anyone still produce 13 year old graphics?

i need the tank decals for my 1998 yz400f. i've looked at motosport and rockymountain, google, ebay, everywhere i can think of and i still can't find a graphics set. many places say they produce the graphics for my bike, but you can see it isn't designed to fit the '98. i just want some OEM graphics. any ideas anyone? thanks.

i already checked ebay and don't like any of the ones with parts manufacturers slapped all over the kit. my bike is stock, it doesn't have any parts from any of those companies. this is the closest i could find, but you can clearly see it doesn't line up with the stock tank graphics.



or do these companies just use a stock image for all different years and they make a kit specific to the 1998 year?

Try calling Yamaha. 5BE-24240-00-00

this is great. hopefully i'm allowed to print an OEM design. i'm guessing i would need permission from yamaha for that, right?

Anything you create will be your design so I don't see a problem. Have you looked at the grahics creator engine? You literaly have to creat it from scratch well sorta sionce they have stuff to chose from. I did a set and was fairly happy. The red I used turned out a little orange but I still liked it and you can tell some of its digital if you blow up the YAMAHA logos real big. But its still nice but a lot a damn work.

You should've have seen me I was on my laptop screen with a tiny ruler lining everything up. The worst part is there is no exact copy from left to right but you can flip images and if you use this let me know if you need help trying to flip an image to make a mirror for the other took me forever to figure it out.

Try calling Yamaha. 5BE-24240-00-00

Did you price check that? Retail $227.

Not stock, but maybe acceptable. Try CEET racing, or CEET graphics. They usually have stuff for older bikes.

Did you price check that? Retail $227.

That's correct, $227 is retail pricing. Actual cost - $168. This is a factory OEM set for a bike over a decade old. Sounds fair to me.

That's correct, $227 is retail pricing. Actual cost - $168. This is a factory OEM set for a bike over a decade old. Sounds fair to me.

ouch. at that point i would just get the white gas tank i was thinking about with no graphics so i can see my fuel level easily.

You'd almost be better off to call a local sign and print shop and see if they can plot you a set.

FactoryFX has stock replacements, but have three types of decals for the 98/02 model. can one of those be for the red/white bike?

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