JB weld shut that oil hole?

I seen gray's thread on fixing that oil drain in the filter housing.. I don't trust myself to be drilling and installing a ball bearing there, so do you think Jb weld would work to close off that hole?

No. It might actually work, but JB Weld tends to be runny, and you'd be in a lot more danger of having the epoxy run into the threaded hole and foul it than you would be of doing any damage with the drill.

Here's two things you can do to make the operation safer:

Run a screw into the lower bolt hole while you drill. This plugs up the hole so nothing will roll though the back way into the engine, and if you drill too deep, it will stop the bit.

Make a drill bushing. Slip a piece of any kind of stiff tubing over the drill bit so that it leaves only about a quarter inch of the bit exposed. That way, you can't drill any deeper.

It genuinely isn't that difficult or dangerous, and you can practice on a piece of scrap if it makes you feel more confident.

What if you put an oiled bolt in the hole, and then applied the JB weld, and then removed the bolt after it had dried? You think that may work?

and that ball bearing doesn't allow any oil to pass?

or let the jb weld set enough to be thicker?

I used high temp red gasket material on my sons quad with zero issues, but I think the simplest and best way is the guy that used a rivet. Wish I would of thought of that!

and that ball bearing doesn't allow any oil to pass?
Why would it? The two in the oil passages of your cam caps don't.

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