2010 dies, any ideas ???

I was riding in the mountains coming down hill and the bike just shut off, It wont start by kicking it or rolling it down hill it's just dead. I am thinking maybe a fuel pump has anyone else had this problem ??? The bike has around 40 hours on it.

All stock? Fuel injected?

all 2010's are fuel injected...

It's possible, I would start with the simple things first like the kill switch and make sure that it is not stuck in the on position.

After that make sure that it's getting spark, if that's a go then proceed to fuel.

OK so I got the bike up and running finally. I went to check the valve clearances and could not get the cam's to line up. Witht he intake cam spot on the exhaust cam was 180 the opposite direction. At first I figured the cam chain had stretched but after further inspection I noticed the Cam chain tensioner was not operating properly, It was not holding pressure on the chain. I was very lucky on this one the valves and piston did not connect, I am not sure how but they didn't hit. My bike had exactly 50 hours on it so BEWARE of faulty tensioners. It was an easy fix and fairly cheap so no big deal this time.

Wass it making any excessive ticking noises?

No ticking noises it was running great, It just died and would not start again. I maybe just a freak thing I am just glad it didn't explode

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