Starting suspension setup

Last year was my jetting year and now I am exploring the suspension settings. What would be a good starting point for a stock suspension on my wr99 if I'm riding only trails (and paved road) and if I'm 5-10 160 lbs.

I wanted to start at midpoint for all adjustment but I think I'll got a better starting point by the user rather than the midpoints on all settings. I adjusted the sag but I'm concerned by damping.

What are the general behaviour of too much or not enough of front rebound, rear rebound and the 2 other setting? I know this depend on drivers style and many parameters but I have no idea of the general rules I have to understand to be able to find my setting.

I did a searh but when it shows the found topic and I click on one, it leads to an error 404 or something like that...


Winter is leaving herein Montréal! YYeeaahhh!!!

Salut Robin!

Hors contexte, de quelle région est-tu?

J'habite à Lachenaie, je me promène dans la région de Joliette et en Mauricie près de Grand-Mère. J'aimerais connaître d'autres trails dans la région de Montréal.



Go to and go to the valve and suspension setup section. Enter all the pertinent information and they will recommend the proper settings. I'll be up in Motreal in September to go caribou hunting, let's hook up.


A french talker here???

J'habite l'Ile de Montréal mais la plupart des trails sont dans le nord, vers Terrebonne et Mascouche, et il semble en avoir ben plus que tu pourrais en demander, ça fait pas longtemps que je ride dans le coin mais j'ai pas encore fait le tour!



i have a wr99 as well & the suspension is now beautiful. i weigh 200lb's & am 5'10".

i went to the english racetech shop & he did my forks. you can't make your forks better without someone modifying the mid compression stroke. it is so bad standard that it really must be done. the standard .042 springs became .046 for me & they are spot on.

you must try to get all your suspension travel used up. you can check this by leaving a zip tie permenantly around one of the fork tubes. it's position tells you how much travel you are using.

the rear spring is far worse. i now have a 5.5 instead of the standard 4.8.


i have compressed the spring until the ride is firm & this has raised the rear of the machine making the steering a lot sharper.



Almost due south of you (and just north of me) is Factory Connection, here in New Hampshire. They received a very good rating in MXA on the YZ suspension.

I think they are @ They did my CR250 Honda waaay back in 1992 and the difference was unbelievable!

Maybe while you are here could have them do your suspension...??? :)


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.

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Salut Robin!

J'ai fait un tour une fois vers Mascouche, je n'ai pas trouvé de trails très intéressantes, peut-être vers Terrebonne! Je vais tenter de procurer une carte de trail de VTT chez le dealer.

Au plaisir de se rencontrer sur la piste!!

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