hey g-man

i saw on your profile that u live in AZ. Iwas wondering if u race or ride desert as well as motorcross, cause im trying to find a suitable gearing medium to race both.(curently have 14 47 but want a tad more bottom)


I ride mostly moto and went up one tooth in the rear. Seemed to help coming out of corners.

For off-road I would probably just change the C/S sprocket, as it's easier to change.

If your a serious desert racer then go up two teeth on the C/S and down 4 in the rear but you better hang on for your life!

Personally I don't like to go that fast off-road because obstacles come up REAL QUICK and the price uou pay at speed is considerable. I geared my CR250 up two teeth on the C/S for the Elsinore GP and could not believe how fast it went. On the asphalt it seemed like 85-90 mph. It had plenty on the bottom, so I would think the 426 would have no problem.

Here's a pic from that race, blasting down Main St. setting up for the chicane. If anyone ever gets a chance to do the Elsinore GP, DO IT! Big time fun, going from the dirt to pavement! :)




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