Stock tires any good?

what are your opinions on the stock tires that come with the 09? Useable or replace right away?

Depends on the terrain. The bike comes with soft terrain tires, like motocross/supercross track riding, which is usually softer deeper dirt than in the woods.

Buying the right tires for the right terrain was one of the best upgrades I ever could have done for my bike. Having good hookup makes the bike really show it's true colors in the power department, it also gives you that extra edge to ride faster safer.

Reading the reviews on the 2010 tires for track riding, the consensus was that the rear was good and front was bad, but I've heard good things from other people on both front and rear. For the hard pack woods they are pretty much terrible and should be replaced as soon as possible.

On my 09 rear (just ok),front (terrible).

You need to ride it and see what you think. FWIW, my opinion is below:

On my 08, front horrible, rear ok. Desert riding/racing occasional track.

Going to a 110 width in the rear seemed to make the bike lean in and corner better. I've been happy with Michelin MH3, S12XC, and Dunlop MX51 in back. The S12 seems to hook up in everything: mud, sand, and even rocks and true hardpack. But, It's almost new. It fails on dusty hard pack, but I don't think any tire really excells in that area. The MX51 was great new also. MH3 lasted a while and really didn't have a downfall that I can recall.

Front D952 did better then the stock tire, but just ok. M12xc was good in rocks, but sucked in sand. I've settled on a Pirelli Scorpion Pro up front. That's what I had before I tried the M12, and I'm sticking with it.

Well it's hard for me to form my own opinion since this is my first dirt bike. I switched just this month from my LTR. I don't really know much about tires, i'm guessing the stuf you find on trails is going to be hard pack with some rocks and sand and even some mud at times. Am i correct in using these terms for finding a replacement tire?

Do you think my 09's tires are more for deep/ soft track dirt than trail conditions?

What tires are on the bike?

I'll use the stock tires if I'm getting used to a new bike or testing to fine tune the ride. Usually I don't race a new bike for quite a while so "perfect" tire combos don't mean much to me. Just psi. I'm somewhat frugal so the oem set is "free" before I pitch them and put on my faves. History shows I do not replace worn tires with the same that came on the new bike.

stock whatever comes with a new 09

I suppose they'll work for now til i really need the extra boost

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