Initial suspension settings

I rebuilt my front forks with new seals/wipers and replaced the oil with Bel-Ray 5 wt., and installed a FC .50 rate spring. In the rear I greased up my linkage and installed a 6.0 rate spring. Spring rates come from both racetech and mx-tech recommendations. The rear spring, as others noted on an earlier thread, is borderline too soft for my 6'4" 250 lb frame. I was able to get 104mm race sag, but with only about 17mm of static sag. It is a new spring, so I'm not sure what to expect after a ride.

I have my forks set to all the way soft on compression, 8 clicks out on rebound. The shock is all the way soft on ls compression, 1/2 turn in on hs compression, and 8 clicks out on rebound. I never bottomed out my stock suspension, it was the harsh small bumps being deep in the stroke at sag height that prompted the spring change. I'm hoping this will smooth out the ride and help the turning a little. Any suggestions before I take her out?



Get Racetech goldvalves for the front at least! Makes a huge diff!!

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