03 yz450f issue

I just traded my raptor 350 for a 03 yz450f. I love the bike, the things an absolute beast. Ive just been having a stalling issue with it. The bike keeps stalling when i brake very hard. At first i thought it was just me being sloppy with the clutch, but then i tested it in a straight line with the clutch pulled to the handlebars and it still stalled. I'm thinking the float level may be off but i haven't pulled the bike apart yet. I'm just wondering if this is on common issue on the 03-05 yzs.

Also, whats the proper clutching technique for coming out of corners on a four stroke? I'm used to riding a two stroke so Ive been feathering the clutch to control the bike coming out of corners, but i read that doing so may be bad for the clutch.


Might just be really rich on the pilot jet. Try leaning out the mixture screw and see what happens. BTW, the mixture screw is a fuel screw so turning it in is lean and out is rich.

On the clutch note, I just switched from a 2 stroke also and one thing I have noticed with the four strokes is that the power is so much easier to control. I'm no pro by any means, but so far I just tend to dump the clutch and control my exit with the throttle. I ride on mostly hard packed clay and it seems to work. Like I said though, I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination. I'm sure there are others that ride way better than me that may offer different advise.

Float level high or idle adjusted too rich. Idle could be too low, too, but too rich is more likely.

i second grayracer 513. check idle first

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