Metal shavings from tap

Had to instal a helicoil on the shifter side oil drain plug. Used grease but still fear some metal shavings got in there. I tried to flush it with some oil but the oil only drained from the other side drain plug... duh.. So now really the only way to get it to come out this side would be to warm it up.. In which if there were some shavings it will make it's way into the parts i don't want it to touch before getting flushed out.. yay.. Any bright ideas? Do you know the path of oil from when its emptied, filled then ran the first time? Hopefully going through the filter first before heading to critical engine parts.

Any suggestions are welcome

Put oil in it and let the screens and oil filter do their job. Since you didnt want to split the cases.

With an '06-'09, the way to work that would be to fill the tank through the dip stick hole and let it run out the drain. But the '10-'12 models lack that access point, and the only way to add oil directly to the tank is to either lay the bike on its side and pour it in through the drain, which would have the opposite of the desired effect, or to remove the stator housing/flywheel cover and pump oil into the tank through the return oil passageway near the sight glass.

Debris coming from the oil tank will go directly to the oil pump; there is no screen, at least none shown in the manual. From there, the first stop is the filter.

More than likely, "mopping up" with a greased cotton swab will do the job. Any chips should be close to the drain hole.

ok, since it's an 09, I can put some oil in from the dipstick and that will come out that drain plug? Just wanna be safe you know, bike is brand new


try to install the drain plug that oil is coming out of and it should come out that one hopefully

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