rear wheel - what years will fit?

I'm sure this has been covered, and I tried a search (unsuccessfully).

I'm looking to get a spare rear wheel to put a trials tire on. Curious what year models will be a direct swap? Was there a change to the rear wheel hub or the swingarm anytime between 2003 and the current models or can I pretty well have my pick at the best price I can find?

thanks for the help.


I'm pretty sure from '02 on up they are the same. I know that in '02 the 426 received a slightly larger rear rotor and from there on out it stayed the same. Earlier years may fit too as long as you run the correct rotor, I'm sure someone will confirm this.

I recently picked up a clean, stock '07 WR450 but I am also keeping my trusty 426. At a glance everything looks the same except for the wave rotor on the '07. I will have to look into swapping wheels to see if everything fits.

Hi any info on this would be a help to me I have a 2004 WR450 that has a 19" back wheel .Finding road legal rubber for these is not that easy.

I have a bunch of rear wheels from 01 to 08 from YZ's and WR's and they all fit on my bikes with no problem.

Same from '99 to current WR's.

thanks a bunch guys - the search in on :smirk:

Digging up an old thread here, but is there any chance of a '98 WR400 rear wheel fitting on my 2006 WR450 assuming I get his rotor, spacers, sprocket and axle?

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