wr 450 e-start mods and paddle tires ?

Does any one make a plug for the starter? I'm gona shave :excuseme:14 lbs of usless metal from my sled. The starter works after it almost kills the battery ,yet the bike starts 1st kick every time. Jetting IS spot on !!

Does the crankcase vent oil frequently on these bikes? Mine never for the first 1000 km , now does it frequently.

Has anyone had tranny problems with paddle tires?

I have an 8 paddle sand tire but it seems to put a tremendous load on the chain and tranny, even worse is you can feel the pulse of the paddles gaining and losing traction and that concerns me for the longevity of the countershaft bearings etc.

Should I run an 10 paddle tire ? Will the motor pull it ?

The pulses would seem to be less drastic I think.

Any tips for handling and reliability of the trans and clutch with use of paddle tires ? :)

I use a Scat Trak 'viper' 8-paddle tire on my WR and have experienced no problems. The bike pulls hard even in the sand, the biggest problem I have is throwing roost on my friends behind me. :) You may wish to look at adjusting your jetting for sea level if you normally ride at a higher altitude like me.

As for venting oil you may want to doulble check your oil level to make sure you dont have too much in the bike.

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