tire selection

was wonderin what everyone else is runnin on their yzs, looking for a good hard terrain tire, am currently runnin pirreli mt 18r and mt44f

First question to your question is........

Do you race?

If so look into the Michelin H-12

Mich pays you if you finish top 5.

5th- $10

4th- $20

3rd- $30

2nd- $40

1st- $50

cant beat free tires!

I haven't paid for a tire for 2yrs!

The cool thing is that most mcycle shops don't care what you spend the Mich bucks on.

so either tires or plastics/etc/etc.

Not quite sure of a good hard tire other than what I just stated cuz all we have around here is deserts and mountains . We don't do too much Hard pack riding but maybe one of these guys that goes to MOAB can help you out.

Just thought I'd throw in the fact of FREE tires!

I have been using the MT480s front and rear and like them a lot on intermediate to blue groove. I used the MT18's before that with good luck also. The 18 front seems better if you are on clay and they water but I like the 480 front better everywhere else except real soft stuff like sand(it is a Hard Terrain tire after all). I also tried a Michelin starcross HT rear but it didn't hook up as well as the 480, plus it was the hardest tire to mount I have used in a long time, it seemed to have real stiff sidewalls.


Free tires? WOW what series do you have to run to get this payout? Just happens that i need a new set of Int. tires. Does Mich. have a web site? Where do you register for this ?




I think that Mich does it across the country but not quite pos. on that one.

The program is called B.I.B. Bucks if you can get on their web site. or the phone

# to Michilen is......ummmmm i can't find my last letter from them but I will get the # on here as soon as I find the letter.

The regulations require that you run Mich. front and rear with a Mich.sticker on each side of the bike and a piece of mich advertisement on your gear.

Simple enuf for FREE tires!

I won a $70 cert.toward Mich 2yrs ago and took me about 6months to break down and buy the "overpriced" tires. After I did , regaurdless of the BIB bucks I will AlWAYS buy Mich because they have been BY FAR the best tires I have tried.

Check with MIchelin about the BIB BUCK 2WHEEL program.


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