WR450 fork oil level cheats


I strapped my 2007 WR450 down a little too much on the trailer and when i got home there was fork oil on the rim. If that was not bad enough I went and did it again a few weeks later.

Obviously my levels are off now. I'm in no mood to take my bike/forks apart. I just want to open the air bleed screw and stick a wire or something down there and see if my levels are at least similar. If not, I intend topping up the low side by adding a bit and dipping again till its equal with the high side.

Then, because i weigh 265 buck naked, I want to add to each side to prevent the bottoming i'm getting on landing small jumps.

Can you advise if what i'm proposing will work ? Is there something in the way of the screw hole that will prevent me dip-sticking the oil to at least set the levels equal- even if the final level might not be right ?

How much should i syringe in through the screw hole (in ml) to achieve the 10mm raise in level most folks do when trying to improve bottoming resistance.

Please dont tell me to just take it in, re-valve re-spring etc. I know you are right but I just don't have the energy to take it apart or even take it in.



Jebus Christ you are lazy.

I dont have the answer to your question, but I just replaced my seals a couple of months ago and i think the whole job took about 3 hrs(thats with beer breaks). Im a 6'2 rider about 250 and mixed in 5w and 10w. The difference was awsome. I woods race so big jumps are not and issue, but big logs and drop offs are.

I can't answer if the air bleed will let you do what you're talking but you can do it easy enough by unscrewing the caps topping the tubes. Just support it on a track stand and unscrew the caps on top of the forks. Once loose the front wheel can be picked up by hand since the spring will move with those caps. Place a block of wood under the wheel to hold it up. Then you can equalize them like you're talking about. And it'll probably take less time than pouring fluid through that tiny air bleed hole.

And yes you can increase the level to trim the effective spring rate. Just be careful cause a little bit goes a long way.

Just take the fork legs off and do it properly. IMO anyhow.....

Have you already installed the correct spring rates for your weight?

I doubt you have fork oil on your rim because you strapped it down too much. It's probably a leaking fork seal. But anyway, your best bet would be to just add 10cc to each leg (maybe 12 to the leaking side) and then test ride. Repeat as necessary. You won't be able to measure with a wire because the spring and bumper will be in the way. The oil height is measured with the spring removed and fork compressed.

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