Helping identifing bike!

Hello everybody, I purchased (what I thought) was a 2002 yzf426. Bike has been amazing until recently my clutch began slipping then my cable snapped. I bought an EBC clutch kit and new cable and went to install it however my new clutch kit not only doesn't fit, but included 6 clutch springs where as my bike has 5. After checking the manual which showed an 02 having 6 clutch springs I checked a 400f manual and sure enough it has five. The odd # on frame decodes 02 yz 426f.....can't decode motor # but case says 399cm above header. Can anyone give me any feedback or help me decode my serial # on the motor?

Vin # - JYACJ01C12A027042

Engine # - H38E - 004925

... my bike has 5 (clutch springs). ... case says 399cm
That's a 400.

Sounds like someone stuffed a 400 engine in a 426 frame...

I converted a 99 yz400 into a 426.....ordered a 2000 426 jug and thumper racing made a 426 piston that fit the 400 jetting

Yep, 400 in a 426 frame.

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