Big guy mods

do search under my name - lots of info in previous posts. There is pic somewhere in the forum of my set up - I'm of the same svelte physique as you & it works pretty good.


So I am looking to buy a wr426......I am 6'4 250lbs. What can I do to fit better. Anybody have similar size issues. Suspension....bars etc... I would appreciate the input.

I am 6' 5" and weigh 250lbs. I sent my suspension to Pro-Action of Michigan because stock was way too soft for the riding that I do. I also run the Jimmy Button Renthal bar to give me more room. Other than that I haven't done much and have had a ton of fun.

Oh, yeah - that reminds me.

I went to stiffer springs for the fork & shock. I used RaceTechs web page to determine the spring rates & installed them myself. I've backed off the compression clickers at both ends 4 clicks from stock to soften things up - wooded single track, river beds etc. I'll continue to play with the adjusters for a while before shelling out more money for re-valving.


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