Front brake locked for no reason

Hopefully not posting a redundant thread, but my buddy called me after camping in Twin Lakes, Ca. (Bridgeport) and brought his '06 WR450F. He didn't get the chance to ride it, but said when loading it back up, front brake was locked. Thought maybe altitude (?) but checked it again in Bishop and still locked. Bridgeport is about 7000'. We've ridden Big Bear plenty and no problems. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

There are several things that can lock a brake but it's either hydraulically locked or mechanically locked.

To figure it out is pretty simple. Open the bleeder on the caliper, normally only a dribble at best will come out. If it's hydraulically locked fluid will come out under pressure and the wheel will free up.

If nothing changes then it's mechanically locked, a pad could be stuck in the caliper applying pressure as if the brakes are aplied or the pad could be stuck to the rotor itself.

Thanks for the reply. Buddy got back to socal and it works ok. Go figure! We'll bleed them for precaution.

Could very well have been a pad stuck to the rotor. If they're semi metallic pads then if put up wet the metal could have rusted and "Swelled" out into the holes in the stainless rotor. Transporting it would have rocked it back and forth enough to break that stuff off.

Total speculation of course, if that's true then you should be able to see a print on the rotor.

Cool, thanks for the insight. We'll check it out tomorrow. Going to mess with the bike.

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