Hey beezer, thanks. I got the cams.

Man...after so much search i havent seen those hotcams guys on the net. Didnt even knew they existed. Thanks to your link i did a search about them and found a dealer here in my country (what a missinformed i am) and even better...they had a set of cams for my bike. I ordered them yesterday and i will receive them today. I am going to install them this sunday and will let you know the results.

By the way...should i get a Wiseco high compression piston for better results?? I am not very excited with the piston replace because i didnt wanted to open my engine yet, since it has only about 40 hours use. But if the high compression piston could give some major results i would be willing to make the effort. What do you guys think? Is it worth it or should i leave it to a later mod?

Thanx in advance. :)

Any time I used motorcycle aftermarket parts like big bore kits or cams I always wished I had left well enough alone. Any time you put money into a bike you never see it again at resale time.

I just got rid of the last hand grenade I built.

Lots of guys with YZ426's like the 450 cams.

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