Picking up my 426 on Friday!!!

Sold my '00 CR250 and am picking up a 426 at the end of the week. Is there anything I should know, check, etc. before riding? I know a couple people at the dealer where I'm buying it so they're going to have the mechanic grease everything for me. That's one thing I won't have to worry about. Man, I can't wait! This week is going by way to slow.


250Rider welcome aboard: You will be smiling more once you get used to riding the 4 stroke.

If the dealer is going to "grease" up the bike for you: make sure they do the steering stem/steering bearings - real important.

The linkage/swingarm is pretty dry also - good luck getting them to do this for free,

tighten your spokes correctly, oil the air filter - put some gas in it & go. I usually ride a new bike for 20-30min at no more than 1/2 throddle then cool down for 30-40min repeat again at no more than 3/4 throddle w/cooldown time. After this the bike will be broken in. Your chain is going to stretch like rubber - do yourself a favor - buy a new high quality chain asap. I prefer ORing/XRing for better wear. After 1st ride change your oil, clean or replace oil filter - it will be full of metal - this is normal. Also check/clean oil screen behind the front of the frame below frame oil drain plug. Again: Welcome to the Club!

250F-welcome aboard

One other note 250F Rider, since you're coming off a 2-smoker remember to keep your paws off the throttle when starting or you'll be sorry! I would pick up a spare plug since you're picking the bike up over the weekend. Be careful the first time you go to jump that beast! You'll either over shoot the landing or you'll let off the throttle on approach and that is just like tapping the brake in mid-air. Both could be hazardous to your health! Get used to the different riding style and you'll love the bike, I came off a 00 CR250 and wasn't happy the first few times I ride particularly around starting the bike once it's hot, key to that is take your time and follow the steps in your manual.

Good luck

Thanks for the tips. I have a 250F also so hopefully I will be somewhat ready for the 426. I'm still nervous about jumping these things. It's hard to break the 2-stroke habit. Luckily the dealer is going to grease everything for free. A couple people I know that work there set this up for me. Thanks again for the help and the welcome!


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