AP Linkage Help Needed

hey everyone i was wondering if someone could help me out here. i have been working on my 1999 WR400 for quite a few months now and i had it running good then the float bowl gasket went for a crap and i noticed a ring around the float needles rubber part so i had to replace all that too. anyway all the parts got here and i just finished installing them and i was looking at my manual and at my carb and i cant believe i never noticed this but im missing the freaking AP linkage:banghead:-


^that stupid little rod and dust cover^. and im pretty much guaranteeing thats the reason why sometimes i had a little off idle bog. anyway i was wondering if anyone could please tell me the length of that sucker because i am supposed to go riding tomorrow for the first time in over 4 weeks(since i've been waiting for those parts). im just going to get an allen key thats the right size and cut it to length until i can get the right linkage. thanks to anyone that can help me out, i really need this info. -Wes :smirk:

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