track to ride in washington

If any one is in the eastern washington region there is a new national track in ritzville. Let me tell you if you want huge air this track is for you, or if your just a beginner this track will fit everyone's needs

If your in the area take exit 221 off of I90 go south four mile's to mile post 59 (harder rd) turn left on the gravel 2.5 miles on left you can't miss it. WE'LL SEE YA THERE 7 DAY'S A WEEK

What does it cost to practice?

It only cost six dollars a day per rider

See ya there!

I've ridden that track and thought it sucked.

I ride the track in Spokane and it is much

better and larger than this one in Ritzville.


Guess I'll ride it once and see what I think of it... Have you ridden at the Fossil Bowl in Clarkia, Idaho? It's another fun "local" track. haven't been on this track in 3 months and it has been totally rebuilt and is huge. It is a CMC National Track and if anyone can come out and on the first day clear all of the jumps they can right the rest of the year for FREE.

I've ridden that track and thought it sucked.

I ride the track in Spokane and it is much

better and larger than this one in Ritzville.


Hey, check it out! The track in Ritzville is


I personally didn't see it in the beginning stages, but have moto'ed there often lately. I have ridden at Clarkia and Spokane and (Glen Helen, Starwest, Los Angeles County Raceway-LACR,the old Hondaland in Simi Valley CA)find the NEW RITZVILLE track to be a combination of both. The Ritzville track has bigger jumps than Spokane(up to 90' now) a more interesting layout including many SUPERCROSS style burms one of which is over 7' tall. Not only that the track owner is willing to change the track to suit everyone.

Not to be mean but I'm willing to bet ThumperDog wouldn't be able to jump everything there the first or even second day. We'll make it a friendly bet and if you want we'll moto some on the new course. Post back the next time your going out there and we'll meet/moto. I GUARANTEE YOU'LL LIKE RITZVILLE NOW!



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We'll you're right, I haven't ridden there since early March of this year. Has it changed since then? I went with 6 of my friends and we all said we would never go back, but if they have changed it radically I would take another trip over there. Exhuastworks, I have only been into Motocross a year now so I don't claim to be a super-rider. I can clear all the jumps at the

track in Spokane though.


If you haven't been there lately, YOU NEED TO GO BACK. The track is probably four times the size it was when you last visited.

Definetly a great place to ride now.

Post back when you're going to head back to the track so we can meet up and moto.



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The track is big not as long as airway we are about 8 tenths of a mile but a lot more fun and way bigger jumps. Fully watered and in the process of installing lights for night raceing and practice. Most riders like the finish line table top that is sixty feet long and puts you about 25 feet in the air. The most you can get out of airway's finish line is 10 feet. thumperdog you won't even think it's the same place than before.

Ok, I'm convinced, I'll go back and give it

another try.. Its only an hour or so from Spokane so it will be worth the trip..

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