Suddenly need to use hot start...

I never used to need to pull the hot start. When shut down (even if I stalled) one kick would fire it up. Lately, even if I just shut her down and sit for a little bit, it doesn't want to start without the h/s. Kinda tries to start, give a little throttle and it dies. Also is much more likely to experience off idle bog/stall than it used to be. Is this just a symptom of bike wearing in or what?

This isn't really a big deal (as long as it doesn't get worse), and it may be contributable to the hotter weather I have been riding in lately, but I just thought I would ask if anyone has had the same experience. :)


Most likely the hotter weather, higher temps equal less air and a richer fuel mixture on the same set of jets. Another thing to check, I have yet to hear of this before but I happpened to me yesterday, is the main jet. I pulled of the jet access plug to change the main jet and it was setting in the plug, it had completely unscrewed itself giving me a main somewhere in the range of 300. :) My symtoms where: idled fine, pulled strong down low, really crappy-boggy mid, strong but sluggish topend, and required the hot start every time I stalled or crashed.

It's not as bad as all that! My only issues are when starting and sitting at idle. Bog hasn't been a problem when moving, even lugging through tight stuff. I have never touched my jetting, bike flat rips, maybe there is more there, but for now, I got plenty.

Also, I don't ride at those extreme elevations... 25,000'? (I know, just a typo)

Well now that you pointed it out I was ripp'n through this pass in the Hemalayas last week :D Thanks for pointing that out :)

Oldbones.. This one's easy, your valves need to be adjusted, trust me on this one....... Sometimes you'll hear a clicking sound from your engine. This is very common.

This happenend to me with my 01 WR426... While your at it, clean out your carb really well and replace your plug, after this service your bike should run like new...

It's not jetting, bikes don't just "all the sudden" start to run bad because of jetting. I can ride my bike in the snow or low desert and it'll still runs perfect..

Good luck, Dan :)

Damn, I love TT. Just got a PM, seems another TTer is already on his way to my house with some cold beer to adjust my valves for me! Can it get any better?! :)

Can it get any better?!

We could get cold beer too....

TT rules!!!!!!!!!! :)

Is the TT member a female topless bike shop person? That would make it better :)

I have the recently experienced the same problem with my 01WR426. I have done all the free mods, uni filter, Big Gun Quiet complete system. No jetting changes and the bike ran great. Then it got hard a little hard to start when cold and when hot been having to use the hot start button. Something I have never had to do before. I have never adjusted the valves the bike has about 1000 miles on it. How hard is it to adjust the valves? I suspect that this is the problem. Any advice or tips on adjusting the valves?

TP, Take it to Simi Cycles and have jim look at it....

Damn, I love TT. Just got a PM, seems another TTer is already on his way to my house with some cold beer to adjust my valves for me! Can it get any better?! :)

oldbones, let me know if this fixes it. I have an 01 WR 426 and your scenario is identical to mine. I'm curious. :D

man you guys should check those valves regularly - my WR426 was out of spec by the time I put the third rear tire on. My YZ250 was out of spec by second tire. :)

Funny you say the third rear tire. I just had my third rear tire put on today. Maybe the third tire should be a sign for valve adjustment!

Actually I was hoping that someone would bring me a 6 pack and adjust my valves for me. Maybe a slim tanned girl with a heavy chest and dark hair!

Well, he is tan...

Nah, from talking to a few folks, this sounds like it may be the problem. I am also sure that the hot weather is contributing a bit, usually ride in the 60's and 70's, not the mid 80's!

We are supposed to dive into it Sunday morning, will let you know how it goes! :)

Bones, if it's not your valves u may have a piece of crud in your idle circuit or a clogged pilot jet. That will make it run crappy all of a sudden. Are u running a fuel filter? The valve adustment is a piece of cake. The F.M. makes it sound like a pain but once u get to it it's simple. Good luck. :)

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans...

Next time we start on the bike before we move on to the beer. We met up around 5:00 last night, had a beer. Went for a cruise on the boat, had a beer (maybe two). Came back to the house, had a beer (maybe three). So, about 11:00 Brandon says "are you ready to start on your valves?". Uh, no.

Funny thing though, this morning he wasn't so gung-ho about working on the bike! Wonder why that was, maybe ate too many pancakes...

Brandon and Kendra should be just sitting down in their fancy seats at Seahawk Stadium, ready to witness the Saints go marching out. Go HAWKS!

Irazu, it was nice to meet you and Eunice. We should get together one of these days for a ride. Street or dirt, either should be fun. I really do wanna see you dual-sport that bimmer though!

Later guys, had a great time. :)

Hey oldbones thanks for the cruise on the boat -- Eunice and I had a great time. :)

Figures that the one time I get to go out on the water this year I get to witness summer switch off like a light and turn to the wet stuff. Oh well such is life in the PNW

Hey had fun with you, Tanya, Brandon and Kendra. :D

Lets plan a north cascades trip some time soon and when I get back from my trip lets do some local stuff on the dirt.

BTW I want to see you wheelie that Cruser --

And great story about the cop -- what was it again "Hey how do you get that hog on one wheel? :D I cant seem to do it on mine!" :D :D

You should have told him -- give me a free get out of jail card and I'll tell you how its done.

It's much easier to wheelie the Hog with a passenger. Solo, the weight distribution is all wrong, and she just likes to do burnouts (which I actually enjoy more, second gear and sideways is cool). Not that you can't do it, but it takes some rather serious clutch abuse to get the tire up without a passenger. Put my wife on the back though, and it's on! Little more weight on the rear tire, and it really hooks, wheelie time! :)

Hey, I don't know what the issue is. I was primed and ready to go! Of course, your handlebars might have ended up being attached to your rear brake caliper when all was said and done.


Too much fun to have, not enough time. It kinda stunk for Seattle to have 51 days of 70+ degree temps, and the day we all get together, the rainclouds roll in, and we get a shower.

I had a great time getting together with you saps, and if we all get together for a street ride, Kendra and I are gonna need race gas in our 400's!


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