07 WR450 Will Not Elec Start When Hot

Bike runs perfect expect when trying to start when hot with the electric starter. Jetting is good, stater cranks normally, battery is new; CDI was changed a year ago (another problem). Not sure what next troubleshooting step should be. I suspect valve clearances but other posts say this is a cold only issue. It will kick start with one kick but will just crank on electric start. Starts fine cold. I am thinking electrical since it will not start with the starter but kicks over easy (voltage drop due to starter motor?) Looking for some suggestions for the next direction. Thanks.

If the wiring is stock, the CDI runs off of AC power from the magneto, the starter off of DC from the battery, so it should not be a voltage drop issue. Seach for the blue/white wire mod. Stock, the bike starts on the 3rd crank (Estart), if you unplug that wire it is supposed to start on the first crank. Maybe that will cure it.

Are you using the Hot Start lever when you attempt to start your already warmed up motorcycle? Makes a world of difference.

It makes no difference with the hot start depressed or not depressed. I will check on the wire mod. I am not sure that is it. It ran for years with no issue and now it started acting like this.

Keep the throttle cracked open (DO NOT PUMP) just a smidge while you depress the starter button.

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