2002 new Bike news

From Yamaha's USA website:

the 2002 motorcycle models (Info)will be released to the public June 12th.

Just to add a bit, June 12th, 12:00 noon eastern time.

It's on the calander and set to remind me on the computer. I'll be ther 1st to drool. I'm going to laugh if they jaust say "Bold New Graphics for the 2002 YZ426" :)



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

If it's dirty, I do it and think it!!

Nothing would surprise me at this point:

Expect Bold New Graphics that look like a mixture of 2000 & 2001. I wonder who at Yamaha designs the graphics - they need help with some new ideas. It would be nice if they made them thicker to, so they don't come off after the first ride.

Also, the rear subframe will not be painted.

Other than that, anyone have any other clues what will change?

I heard they saw a pic of khris' bike and decided to go back to the Hurricane Days, cuz they look so cool.

Oh yeah they are gunna' put Pro Tapers and Black Excel rims on too!

wishfull thinking HUH?





[This message has been edited by g4racing (edited 06-07-2001).]

[This message has been edited by g4racing (edited 06-07-2001).]

Isn't the yamaha dealer show this weekend or early next week? If anybody goes and has any cool info could you please post it here?



I'm going to the dealer meeting next week. I'll keep everyone posted on what's up.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

The rumors that I hear are that the YZ426F will now be a YZ450F, im sure that most of you have heard that one already, it almost seems as though most rumors on bikes become true...


Is this the same Dan Lorenze who when to Meadows Elementary, Los Ceritos and Westlake High? If it is (and I think it is) Dave Starkey says hello!!

God Bless

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