Lexx exhaust?

I am looking for an exhaust system based on performance, looks, and reviews, and from all the ones I have seen, Lexx from Rocky Mountain seems to be the best. I ride a 2004 WR450F, and I tried the stock YZ exhaust, but got nailed by the forrest service for being too loud :p. Anyone have experience with this exhaust, any reviews are welcome, good or bad. Thanks :smirk:

It will be even louder.

Stay with the OEM WR system with a Pro Moto Billet insert. Unless you are an 'A' level/semi pro rider, you do not need more power, you need more practice.

I got the MX1 and I like it, is not much louder than stock with PMB insert, isnt any lighter but makes more power everywhere. how ever it did mess my jetting and it took awhile to sort out.

I have plenty of jets to mess around with in my garage, so im good there. I heard that it is mod-"able", not sure if thats a real word but I said it, where it can have three different inserts. and they all have different decible levels. There is the track insert with high decibles, the street insert for medium decibles, and then the trail save witch has about 83 decibles. I will look around for a PMB insert, thanks for all the info guys.

I just bought this pipe from Rocky Mountain because I've heard its a quality product and the price was unreal. If I get a chance I'll put it on this weekend and let you know it goes.

I ride a CRF so the stock pipe (opened up) was a bit loud and it looks like crap. As for being "mod-able", the Lexx comes with a quiet insert/spark arrestor which is rated at 96dB. I will probably run mine with the quiet insert, but if you want to go even quiter there is an optional "Trail Saver" quiet core which is supposed to bring it down to around 85dB.

To be honest, I don't think you would notice a whole lot of difference between the Lexx and the stock pipe if you ran the 85dB insert. Basically, the smaller the outlet, the more restriction, meaning less sound and less power. So if you want descent power gains then you're bike is going to be a bit louder.

Luckily the Lexx looks good though so if you want it for looks alone then definitely get it because it is a lot cheaper than most other pipes on the market.

Cool thanks man, I know what you mean the CRF exhaust without the baffle look wierd. If ya dont mind please post your resaults, I need quiet, but power would also be nice. Right now my stock WR exhaust is pretty loud but a lot quieter than the YZs. Please let me know how it goes for you, and what you think.

I have a YZ450 and I put a Lexx on it about three months ago. Found it on ebay for $179. The thing that sucks it I thought they were supposed to come with the extra tips. Mine didn't. I'm actually going to rocky mountain atv right now to order more ends. Mine has the forest tip on it and it made the bike ALLOT quieter. I want to switch the tips because it seemed to take some power away. I did allot to the bike when I replaced the exhaust so I can't be sure that is actually what caused the power problem. It's not really a problem but it is a noticable difference.

As far as the exhaust goes, it has a great fit and finish, looks nice and seems to be a good product especially for the money. The way I look at it, why spend $500 plus on a system that will break just like the Lexx in a crash. Overall very happy with it, just ned to tune it a bit.

I am stupid! I just watched the video on Rocky Mountain ATV and my exhaust does come with the MX tip. It's already on there, I just have to take the three bolts out and take the quiet core out. LOL This exhaust is awesome! They also make two other tips, a 40mm which is between the quiet core and the MX and a trail saver quiet core that is quieter then the quiet core, that makes since right? Great exhaust, I mean how many are so easily tunable.

Excellent man, i was thinking of getting the quiet tip for trail riding, not the trail save, but the quiet tip. I am going to order mine tomorrow, that way it will be here by friday. thanks for the great information guys!!!

Excellent man, i was thinking of getting the quiet tip for trail riding, not the trail save, but the quiet tip. I am going to order mine tomorrow, that way it will be here by friday. thanks for the great information guys!!!

If you order from Rocky Mountain it comes with the quiet tip. I ordered 4 days ago and it has already arrived at my place (in Australia!). I can't say enough about that place, I couldn't get something delivered from Australia that quick and the prices are ridiculously cheap

ok, what does it all come with? the muffler, and which tip is stock? just so when i order it i dont order something extra. thanks

I haven't actually opened it up yet, but I'll check it out when I get home on Thursday.

According to the website it should come with the standard 46mm Race Tip and the 96dB Quiet Core Insert (it doesn't list a diameter, but something smaller than 46mm). I've looked it up on a few other sites and they say the same thing.

The Trail Saver Quiet Core (85dB) is a separate item and doesn't come with the pipe so you have to order it separately. It looks pretty silly anyway so unless you really need your bike to be quiter than 96dB I wouldn't bother with it.


i have a lexx mxe on my wr 450 and i still am yet to get the carb rejeted but over all am happy with it you can take the inner scilencer out witch makes it loud as shit but it goes way harder with it in

It goes harder with the silencer in???

I have the Lexx MX/e. I comes assembled with the quiet core installed and the MX tip on the pipe. It is all confusing because no one is used to a tunable exhaust. What these two vids. It explains it all, it's all very simple, just three bolts


The exhaust comes with the Silencer and the mid-pipe. It has a couple different collars with it so it will fit you existing head pipe. You will also need some high temp silicone for where the mid pipe and head pipe connect.

Like I said, with the quiet core installed it seemed to take allot of the hit away versus the stock pipe on my 08 YZ450F. Going to try it this week without the quiet core and see how it is.

Soco, if you watch the vids you will see the tip is actually covered by the MX tip so it doesn't look like that sticking out of the back of your silencer.

Excellent, thanks for all the great info guys, and Im definatley going to order this set up. Im glad you said not to get the queit core seperatley, I was about to order it with it. Since it comes with it, thats better... I might buy a spark arrestor for the race tip for when I go to the lake since there is no queit restriction out there, or the prairie or street, but no need for a sparky on the street. Thanks agian for the info, and when I get it I will post my review and pictures on here.

I have never removed the quite (spark arrestor) core becuase I only ride trails, It isn't much louder the the stock with PMB but does make more power for sure. as said fit and finish are very good. I am happy with mine

Soco, if you watch the vids you will see the tip is actually covered by the MX tip so it doesn't look like that sticking out of the back of your silencer.

I know the standard Quiet Core Insert (96dB) doesn't stick out, in fact I think it looks quite good, much better than the stock (CRF) insert that's for sure!


I think the optional Trail Saver Quiet Core (85dB) does though, according to this pic I found.


Good to hear you still notice a descent power improvement with the 96dB tip. To be honest my 450x (or any 450 for that matter) isn't exactly crying out for more power, but the stock pipe was a bit loud with quiet core removed and didn't really want to put it back in because it looks/sounds pretty ordinary (not to mention the pipe has a big ding in it).

The Lexx looks great and from what I hear, should offer improved performance without being too loud. What more can you ask for? :smirk:

Well i ordered my Lexx this morning before i went to work, it should be here this thursday. I will post pics and my review, and im really excited.

As am I! :smirk: Mine has been sitting at home for 2 days but unfortunately I won't get to install it until next weekend so you will probably beat me to it.

Let me know how you get on

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