Lexx exhaust?

Installed this exhaust on my YZ250F, love it! I had it tested a couple months ago, and as it came out of the box with the Quiet Core S/A insert and the MX tip installed, it registered 88dB! The Trail Officer was quite surprised; he even tested it again o the same result. This isn't even with the Trail Saver Quiet Core installed, as in soco3594's second picture. It's amazing the amount of tuning options they offer for the Lexx, you can run it wide open with 3 different sized end tips, with just an optional S/A screen if you don't need the entire quiet core, etc.

Wow, 88dB is impressive. How does the power compare to stock?

88 is awesome, that'll suprise the trail guys here, exspecialy since they are used to my stock pipe and are just waiting for me everytime I go up haha. They wont even know im coming until im right on them.

Wow, 88dB is impressive. How does the power compare to stock?

It actually didn't even come with the stock exhaust as I bought it used. It had a wide open, ridiculously loud White Bros. Carbon Fiber III on it, and that definitely wouldn't do for the trails. I got the bike just before winter, so didn't even get to go on a real ride and it wasn't running well anyway. So I've only been running the Lexx since I got the bike, and I have no complaints - I've only heard positive things from others with the same exhaust as well.

One of these days, once I'm done my rebuild, I'll pop that White Bros. back on and see how the two compare.

It is pretty dang quiet, though I would be interested to see if it also meets the FIM 2-Meter Max test, as I believe it's a much more accurate test than the AMA one.

Remember, this is a 250F though, so your 450 could very well be slightly louder.

my WR450 test at 93db at my last HS with the SA tip installed.

Just got home and opened up my package, not sure if anyone else has noticed this but there is a big indent in the mid pipe...

Mine is for a CRF450x so it could be different. I assume it is to allow clearance for the frame, but it seems like a bit of an afterthought.


That is so it can clear the frame, you have an aluminum frame so it is a bigger indent, I just got mine and I have a smaller one for my steel frame, Pictures coming soon.

Cool, thanks mate. I figured that was what it was for, it just seems like it would provide a fair bit of restriction.

Otherwise, the build quality looks excellent

Yeah, it looks really god, I have been riding all day since I didn't have to work, so I will get some pictures soon as I get the smile off my face. The performance boost is very noticeable even with the queit core insert. I love how queit it is to, this was deffinatley a good choice.

Good to hear. I've got mine all unpacked (it does look beautifully made) but unfortunately I don't have room to keep my bike at my place so won't get to try it out for at least another week yet...

Great exhaust, looks, sounds and preforms amazing. Right now i have the queit insert in, and that alone gives me a great performance boost. When it is fully uncorcked, it is lound but sounds awesome and the power is insane. ?action=view&current=100_0030.jpg



There it is, love everything about it, its completly amazing and worth every penny.

well nevermind... i have never been able to figure out how to post pictures, Any help? haha

Just upload them with imageshack and copy the forum link into your post. If you copy that link you don't need to click on the insert picture icon, you just paste the text into your post. Hope that helps because I want to see it!

I must be retarded, let me try again

That should work, that way you can look at them all insted of just a few. Just go through my album.

I took the insert out of mine today and ran the MX tip. Bike was great! Not as loud as stock and really opened up the bike. The quiet core seemed to take a bit of the hit away from the bike. Loving it now. I had one the best days riding ever today! This exhaust is unreal, price, fit and finish. I am finding that when I jump it the rear tire is leaving some marks on the exhaust, just barely catching it but still leaving marks. Not real worried about it, just gonna run it.

Again, mine is on a YZ450

the MX tip on my WR is insane, the power is amazing, thats why im goin to buy a sparky insert and run the MX tip with that, amazing power!!!!

I have a 2012 KTM 350 xcf w and when I bought this bake the stock exhaust sounds ok but not ok at the same time, I was looking for a louder, cool looking, quality and cheap exhaust ( I know right)there are not many of those that can fit my 350 but then on rocky mountain I found this lexx and read all the reviews and also I just ordered my Lexx mx exhaust, I can't wait for it to arrive

Love my Lexx exhaust but noticed that there was a pretty bad crack on the spark arrestor, anyone else have this issue?

Also, I can't find any contact info for Lexx to let them know, anyone have info?


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