WR 5th for YZ426

Whats required to install the WR426 5th into a 02 YZ426? I have the input and output 5th gear set for a WR. Other than the required gaskets and a possible piston and rings. (its a pretty low hour bike, I havent ridden it since 05 and only rode it about half a season prior.) Im thinking of turning it into a dualsport. Already have the Eline coil, 18" rim and revalved suspension, big tank etc. Also, can a stock WR muffler work w/o to much trouble? I want it very quiet, stock DRZ quiet if possible. Has anyone tried those Pro Moto Billet quiet core inserts for the stock pipe? Are they comparable to a FMF Q?

Just did a search and found most of my answers to the gear swap.

regarding the gear swap, I think you'd like it better if you used 4th and 5th from the WR. Too big a jump going 4-5 otherwise.

do you really need it Drz quiet? It will have Drz power too.

I was actually going to trade it for a DRZ but decided to try it as a dualsport instead since I already have alot of the stuff for a conversion. I never really liked it as a race bike, hence the reason its been parked for the last 6 years. I normally race/ride a KX250 2t and a recently built KX250/500 hybrid. I already have a 07 DRZS and wanted another 4st so my wife can go on longer ds trips and not be hassled with mixing gas. She can ride the DRZ or the YZF. I want it as quiet as possible and DRZ power is ok with me.

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