exhaust insert

so i picked up a 2004 wr 450 two weeks ago and i was going over the bike and i saw in the end on the exhaust it looked like a aftermarket insert so i took it out to see what it is and im not sure if it is stock or aftermarket so i took some pics and i was hopeing you guys could help me. i tryed to looked it up on diffrent sites and i cant find out what it is. the brand is gytr which i know is yamaha's performance parts that they make. The bike is very quite with the insert in and with it out is kinda loud if that helps. the last picture is the inside of the pipe without the insert can i ride the bike without this insert in? thanks in advance cameron.







Yes, you can ride the bike without the insert. It will be louder, and in some area's of the country, this will put you above the noise limit and you'll be issued a ticket for a loud exhaust. And also, without the insert, you'll be without the sparkarrestor, so this can get you in trouble also. Maniac

ok cool thanks guys

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