Street legal XR650r question *please respond*

Alright guys I am about to own a 2000 XR650r and I really need to know what I need to do to make it street legal. What kind of upgrades do I need. Will the stock headlight and tailight work if I put in a brake pressure switch for the taillight. Please let me know ASAP because the bike will be sold to another guy if I don't commit to it now. I almost forgot, my most important question is how do I get a street title for it. What is involved in doing this. What does the MSO say for the bike. Does it say " for offroad use only"

I'm not sure about your state but here in Calif you need a high/low beam, Brake/tail/plate light combo, horn, turn sig..... You can buy a kit from Baja Designs ~$400 or do it yourself for about $200-250. Here in fairy land :) you get a brake and lamp inspection and go down to the DMV for transfer. One thing I added on my bike is a rear fender brace to handle the extra weight of the lights and plate so they don't get ripped off by your tire when you hit a big bump. Check out my XR on My Bikes I used the UFO tail light turn signal combo for about $59.95

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