o5 yz450?

Sorry im new and i am a bad speller/writer sorry please bare with I have a 05 yz450 and ive had some probs a while back it died and has been a bitch, but ive done the carb, valves. it runs good till its warm 10 mins of riding it is hard to start it is hit and miss i think its something elictrical or something it will fire right up when its cold.any ideas i was told if the stator was bad it would not run at all? help i want to ride please!!!!!!!!

First thing you need to do is see if its loosing spark. The only way you'll be able to do this is when it acts up. Get it hot, get it to fail, and then check for spark. If you have spark then you can rule out electrical if not then time to go further.

Get a manual if you don't have one. Get it to fail and perform stator and other electrical tests outlined in manual but test results will only be valuable when the failure occurs so it may take a few tries.

Best of luck!

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