Rear Shock

Last weekend while slowing down for a turn after a long straight the rear of my bike launched up and over like I had run over a land mine. There were some braking bumps but nothing signifigant that would cause me to endo. At the time I was unable to delve into the problem further due to the trip to the ER for a seperated shoulder and other assorted bruises and scrapes.

Today I pulled the shock out of the bike. I pulled the top bolt first then reached down and pulled the lower bolt, when I grabbed the shock and pulled I got the upper shock body and spring, the lower rod stayed in the bike and shock fluid went everywhere. After further disassembly of the shock body, the shock piston retaining nut was found with all the threads stripped from the nut. My question is, has anyone else ever experienced this type of shock failure??? What could cause the nut to fail in such a manner. I know I need to scrounge up a new shock but I am trying to understand how/why this happened, unless I can come up with some answers I don't feel as though I can trust the suspension anymore.

:) Never seen that before, I've been riding for lots of years.Talk to whoever rebuilt it for you, if it's been done.....

Rich Baker

Mate, i was riding along the other day and 3RD GEAR striped out! bikes only done 4500 k's. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE my friend

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