2001 WR426F decompression lever

Hey all, I've been told that I can change my cam in my 01 426 to a 03/04 450 cam and lose my decompression lever. This sounds like heaven to me if it's possible. Anyone know if this is true? The starting procedure for this bike is a pain in the ass especially in tight situations. Help

You are going to be a very happy person because its true. Do a search here. There is plenty of infoto guide you through the process @


use this cam:


You will be amazed at how much less pressure is require by your leg to start the engine, bump start.

I kept the Decomp lever for clearing the flooded cylinder after a tip over or bump starting, However I rarely use it anymore.

Get the Hot cam and set the timing with the dots same as manual shows. You will now have YZ timing you only need the exhaust cam.

That is correct. Best mod I ever did aside from the rekluse. Here is a copy of the instructions. Sorry for the bad quality .... photo bucket has never been the same once the got bought.



Thank you all for the input, this will be something I will do very soon. Thanks again....

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