G-Man you missed out at the AZOT meeting!

G, you should have been at the AZOTMX meeting last night! They gave away money and prizes for being there along with free trips to Glen Helen, Washougal, etc. There was free food and drink, dancing girls, and casino games also! What a blast, sure sorry you bagged out on us. :)

Oh yeah, we also discussed the point system and a list of tracks to try this year...

Paul in AZ



Yea, it was really good until Paul brought out his bible. :)

Maicoman and I had a bible for G also, maybe that's why he bagged???

F, are you going to Speedworld on Sunday to watch? I will if you will...

Hey Paul, I guess Speedworld split the track, and are running practice and a race on 2 different tracks. I'll be there practicing on Sunday.

MotoJ, what is your number now. I'll be on the lookout for you if I go.

Yea I missed out I know, and I didn't even have a good excuse. Damn g/f problems.

Oh and I accidently deleted a file on my computer and now windows will not open.

"Cannot find registry"!

Help me please!!

I am on my roomates computer, just had to check in.


I'm still running 37, I'll be easy to find - fast bike with a slow rider. :)

G, if the file went to the recycle bin you can restore it, if not it sounds like you'll have to reinstall Windows from the disk. :D

You gonna race on Sunday?

Paul, I am planning on going to watch but I may not if my bud Mike (#82amt) doesn't race. Just talked to him and the heat is making him think twice about it. :)

Hats off to all you cool climate riders who

had to listen to us brag all winter, it was 110 today and forecast 109 for tomorrow. How'd you like to moto in that? :D

Thanks F-Pilot,

Yes it seems more serious, a Microsoft tech is gonna come by tomorrow, I hope.

So looks like I am not racing either, plus it is GETTING HOT!


Guess I'm going to pass on watching tomorrows race at Speedworld if you guys are not going to go.

Mike decided to race so I went. It was warm but not too bad. Of course Barry let them put the OT's first moto so it freshly watered for both motos. :D

Also, they split the track so they could run practice on 1/2 and race on the other. 4 laps was like running a 2 lap moto on the full track!!!

Can they rip off the riders any worse! Maybe we can just show up, pay a $10 gate fee, pay a $25 entry fee and just draw names out of a hat for finish position? :)

I'm glad I couldn't race!

There is some serious competition for you in the amateur class now, Mike (#82 KTM 520)is riding real good and Mark (#1'Berg 550) is moving back down.

You'll be be wringing out that little 250 to keep up with those beasts! :D

Doesn't sound like I missed much at Speedworld today, glad I didn't go now - I really dislike the 1st race mud stuff. Not sure if I know Mike or Mark? I think I have raced against Mike before though. Oh well, I'll just have to learn when to pin it and when to thin it so I stay on two wheels and finish it!

Yea that 1/2 track stuff sucks!


Was Goodman there, who was in MasterB?

Ahhhhhh I see Paul has turned into Edgar Allen Poe! :)


And to think I was worried about missing the race !! 4 laps motos on 1/2 of a track ???? covered in slick silt :D

Well that saved MaicoWorld $ 150. , maybe now I can get those Yamaha leathers :)

G-Man - not knowing, but having the strictest regard for the truth, I feel a delicacy in articulating that which I cannot thoroughly substantiate! :)

Maicoman, you should be able to throw in a Jofa mouth guard along with those leathers. :D

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