grey wire and throttle screw

Hi all, I just bought a WR450F on 09/03/03.. Several people at work have told me to cut a grey wire under the tank and get a new screw for the throttle.. What is this all about?

Cutting the gray wire gives the bike YZ characteristics. The screw that you speak of is in the carb. What you do is shorten that screw thereby allow the thottlr to open up more. Before you do just notice how far your throttle will turn. Once you remove this replace this screw you'll notice a difference. Check out (project WR450F) In there it will give you a part number. Or you cut off 10 mm

Thank you very much, you were the first person to finally respond to my question. I guess newbies are the best so far. :)

Let me know if you found what you were looking for on the website. :)

If you get mixed messages on length to cut throttle stop, just buy the YZ part at your local dealer. The Parts guy should know right what your talking about, then it's an easy swap. Only cost me a couple of bucks.

Forgot to mention, best source for a lot of information is Garrett Berg's website:


If I had it to do again I would;

Get a JD jet kit available from TT.

Get a ProMoto billet exhaust baffle.

Cut the baffle out of the airbox.

Cut the grey wire in the wiring harness.

Get the YZ throttle stop. If your handy you can cut your own.

Make sure the flywheel nut it tight.

Go riding.

You owe me big time Valkman. :)

Hey Beezer, I owe you... :)

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