'01 Wr426 Should I buy??

Hey all. I sold my WR250f about a year ago and kick myself regularly for it. My question is: My friend is selling his wr426 as is. He wrecked it and this is what it needs:

Head pipe is dented

bars are bent

clutch lever is broken

left side radiator is broken

left side rad. plastic proken

Rear brake lever broken

I know the bike had good maintenance and is mechanically sound. He wants $1500 as is.

Are there any quirks on the 426? Is there anything I should look for?



I would go down there and buy that bike before he changes his mind, theres probably about $500.00 in parts required to fix it so you cant lose there.

Go get that bad boy!

I think it is a good deal specially because you know it as had good maintenance, it is somebody you trust and my... 1500 is pretty cheap!

Good luck!

If you don't buy it, let me know the particulars, I WILL buy it!!! :)

That is a fantastic deal! :D Nice Buddy! :)

I would buy that bike in a heartbeat. If the owner will meet me in Vegas, I'll buy it.

Nah, you don't want that bike. Really, you shouldn't buy it.

By the way, uh, what's your buddies phone number?

Jump on it. Fix it, ride it or sell it, you would come out ahead either way I think!

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

I am in the process of convincing the wife that it is a deal we should not pass up. A little creative financing and it should be a done deal.

Oh yeah my buddy's phone # is...................................................................I can't seem to remember it.

Thanks again for all info,


I have some parts for you cheap check your PM

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