Ok - the 426's got it!

Every where that it counts anyway - low end, high end, mid-range, and everything in between.

I'm actually a newbie to the four-choke world with my '01 YZ426F but loving it more every day!

I would have never even considered buying a four-stroke bike (I have always been two-smoke brat) until my neighbor bought a Raptor and let me ride it. After seeing how easily it revved I was hooked ;~).



jason s.

Welome to the club!

Welcome to the club!

Welcome, don't forget to change your oil and keep it greased!!!!!! :)


Congrats- and definately do lots of oil changing and lubing. Some places to look for are the swingarm, which most report comes nearly dry from the factory, and also the steering head bearing. It gets real hot up there from the oil circulating thru the frame and the grease gets melted out. Something I do is clean the oil filter every time I change the oil, and I change the oil after every race or practice session. Sometimes I'll go a race and a practice before I change it but I usually ride alot more on a practice night than a race night. Good luck and come back here for any help you might need, we like talking about our bikes...


Thanks for the advise and warm welcome!

I bought this bike used (a few months old). I stripped it down the night before last and looked like the tank had never been off so I checked the plug and it was pretty ugly. By ugly I mean thick black on the end and rusting in the middle (middle of the plug - not on the threads - like where the plug socket would grab it). After riding it four/five times, I never felt compelled to check it since it didn't seem to miss. But I changed it anyhow after seeing it. I've reading posts here and have seen lots of folks talk about running rich and gatting black plugs so it didn't surprise me (I would have just cleaned it), but I changed it for the rust.

So I need to check/grease the swing-arm and the steering head bearing. How about the valves? How often to you check/adjust them? The guy didn't give me the owners manual but I've got one on order - just hasn't gotten here yet.

I can't stress enough how satisfied I am with this bike, but I am probably preaching to the choir here :).


jason s.


Welcome aboard. Unless you are on the rev limiter alot, the valves are usually real good about staying within tolerance. If it is a used bike, I would check them now just to be safe. You would hate the results if they are out of spec...even a little bit. :)

I use disc brake bearing grease in my steering stem. It seems to hold up to the heat a bit better than the other greases.

Enjoy, Ernie

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