2011 radiator nightmares ....help please

I am running Mylers repaired rads with MSR braces (Enduro Engineering) on my 06 YZ450 and have tossed that bike numerous times with not so much as a minor tweak in the braces or rads. On my "new" 06 YZ250 (the one I just broke my back on) I had the same MSR cages on it and it took a major hit on the right side with no damage to the cage or rad (The bike went cart wheeling end over end sidways).

The new 10-11 YZ450F isnt in the catalogs yet its Tucker Rocky # 343238


Mishimoto doesn't make radiators for the '10+ yz450 yet according to their site.

I don't have them for mine, but my friend runs them. Call them.

Myler's are good. I run that on my boys RM 85.....

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