Ideas for black side panels for 04 wr450?

Hey everyone. I've got an 04 wr 450 and want to put black side covers on it but I dont want to get rid of the quick access side panel. I was thinking of just finding some black vinyl sheeting and just covering the stock panels. Just a thought. Any ideas?

depending on how much you drop your bike the Krylon Fushion spray paint works pretty good... make sure theres some heat on the panels first and it sticks really good.

Ideally? Id never drop the bike. Realistically, often. But the krylon idea is as good as any. Thanks a million. Ill look into it!

haha... yeah me too. i've also been hearing about Plasti-Dip spray and the good thing with that is you can peel it off if you don't like the looks. Supposed to hold up really good though. Heres a pic of my Krylon paint job...


Redswr, That's really nice!

Redswr, That's really nice!

thanks man :p i didn't wanna put numbers on it cause it's my beater bike but had to come up with something... also has sharpie (Marks A Lot) wheels :smirk:

I think im going to give the plasti dip spray stuff a shot. It looks pretty durable and easy to remove if it doesnt turn out well. will post pictures of the before and after.

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Turned out pretty good but I took it for a ride and did drop the bike a few times. It held up decently but did flake off in a couple of spots

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Just another quick tid bit. I went to my local shop and asked them about ordering black side plates and fork guards for my 04. They found some black ones made by ufo which I tried looking for online, so I had the shop order them. Ill post some pics of them once I get them on. By the way the plasti dip spray did look good but if you drop your bike alot ( which I do.... yeah I admitted it) I wouldnt recommend it. Thank you all for your tips!!!

img]<img src=[/img]:eek: You can personalize them as well. I love mine. You can personalize them as well. I love mine.

Thanks alot!!:eek:

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